Kristen & Christian


Floral Background

Kristen Malave


Christian Jaramillo


October 20, 2023

Orlando, FL

Our Story

Two kids who grew in love

In 2012, 19 year old Kristen went to the Wellington Mall with her friend to look for Christmas presents for their families. This is where she first made contact with Christian at Lids and was immediately drawn to him. They didn't speak again until a few months later when Kristen saw Christian again but this time it was on Facebook. A mutual friend posted a picture and when she saw he was tagged, Kristen took it upon herself to add him and spark up a conversation. She commented on a picture of his dog, their beloved Chico, because she also had a Dachshund, their beloved Oscar. Christian doesn't remember the initial encounter they had at the mall but loves hearing about the story. From there, they grew in love. In 2018, they purchased their first home together and a few months later, on Kristen's 25th Birthday, Christian threw her a semi surprise "birthday" party inviting all of their friends and family to celebrate at their new home. Despite the obstacles Christian ran into to keep the proposal a surprise and to keep Kristen calm, he made it happen! Kristen said YES and they shared a kiss full of tears. In 2019, they gave birth to their son Christian Jr. (CJ). Becoming parents is their biggest blessing. Watching their son grow with their parents, siblings, friends and other family members is something that makes them very happy. Kristen and Christian can't wait to celebrate their official union with everyone that is apart of the beautiful life they have built together.

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