Maddi & Silas

We're getting married!

Watercolor Highlight

Maddi Shuler


Silas Raby


May 6, 2023

Whittier, NC

How We Met

Nothin' like roots reggae music.

If you know Maddi, you know she loves reggae music. One night as she was scrolling Instagram, as lonely twenty-somthings do, she came across a photo of Silas in front of an Iration poster (one of her favorite bands). She commented on the post but didn't think anything else of it. A few days later, Silas messaged Maddi asking to take her on a date. At the time, she was on the phone with her mom, so they were giggling about it, naturally. Maddi was going to politely decline, because they were so far apart, but her mom convinced her to take a leap of faith. So she did. Since they lived five hours from one another, they decided to meet halfway in Myrtle Beach for putt-putt, dinner, and a walk on the beach. Silas was fifteen minutes early, and Maddi was fifteen minutes late; they would later joke about how this was very on-brand for both of them. There were no awkward moments. No red flags. No "icks" as the gen z'ers would say. It was like meeting someone you had known for years. Nothing was hard about the entire day, except saying goodbye and parting ways. Neither Silas nor Maddi believe in love at first sight, but if there is such a thing, this story is as close as it gets. They talked every day for months. Silas drove five hours to see Maddi every Friday night after he got off work. They would dance at their local country bar, go to the beach, hang out at local breweries, and hold eachother 'til the weekend was over. Then they'd count down the days until they could do it all again. We've danced the night away every Friday for nearly two years, added 19,720 miles to our cars, and conquered a seven-month deployment together. And now, we're getting married. And we can't wait to share it with you!