Maci & Hayden

we're excited to celebrate with you in san francisco.

Curved Lines

Hayden Noble


Maci Britt

March 4, 2023

San Francisco, CA
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The day we got engaged!

Our First “Date”


We met in the fall of 2020 at an outdoor communion gathering, where we quickly discovered our deep mutual love for San Francisco, and commitment to root ourselves in the city. While we noticed the sparkle in each other’s eyes on day one, it wasn’t until about 6 months later that we reconnected and went on our first “date”. After baiting Maci into a book exchange, Hayden proposed hiking the Crosstown Trail, an over 18 mile urban trek across San Francisco that had been recently highlighted in one of our favorite podcasts from the SF Chronicle. For whatever reason, Maci said yes. Early on a Saturday morning, we met up outside Hayden’s apartment and rode transit to the trailhead. After nearly 12 hours filled with sing-alongs to Tyson Motsenbocker songs, laughter, life stories, and LOTS of walking, we finally parted ways for the evening. This was, retroactively, the beginning of our relationship, a day long journey that soon turned into a year, and is now turning into a lifetime. One year after our first date, on our second hike across the city, we got engaged… ..and nearly a year later, our feet still hurt.