Julia & Luke


Luke Camper


Julia Sheffer

October 28, 2023

Mt. Crawford, VA
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How We Met

First comes school, then comes marriage.

It all started as a high school set up. Olivia, my sister, and a mutual friend conspired for us to meet. Luke, first referred to as "gray shirt boy", came to my swim meet. I did my best to impress him in the water, but ultimately he made the first move by talking to me after my race. From accidentally texting the wrong number to forgetting his wallet on the first dinner date, I fell for his charming smile and the giddy way he made me feel inside. Fast forward through several swim meets, high school and college graduations, Virginia Tech football games, and countless hikes our love and relationship grew. I always told him, "I can't wait to marry you after I finish school". Well, I graduate in May and I can't wait to start our next chapter with "I do".