Mandy & Karl


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Karl Lindberg


Mandy Lindberg


September 23, 2023

Middletown, CT

It's wedding time!

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How we met

(As told by Mandy) Our story begins in 2018 when I was a senior at Sacred Heart University. Karl was living in New Milford but was always in the area for work. We planned our first date at Colony Grill in Fairfield, where we discovered our shared obsession with pizza. The first thing I noticed (besides his handsome smile) was his bright blue eyes. Wow, he is CUTE, I thought. Immediately we were lost in conversation; we both mentioned how it felt like meeting up with a lifelong friend. Our connection was obvious, as we lost track of time and only realized by both Tyler calling Karl to ask if he was okay and the waitress asking us to pay our check since her shift had been over for a little bit and we were her last table! After that, we were inseparable, and have been ever since.