Lorin & Cade


We're getting married!


Cade Hunter Gorrell


Lorin Michele Costello


July 1, 2023

Coto De Caza, CA

Our Love Story

Happiness is Marrying Your Best Friend

It's true what they say about the importance of finding true friendship in your life partner. Luckily for Lorin and Cade, they were friends for almost 4 years before they even had their first kiss together. After having met their junior year of high school, they ran with the same crowds and really became friends in college while Cade was attending the University of Redlands and Lorin was going to Crafton Hills College. They bonded through their love of Cafe Rio and Fitness. When Lorin transferred to CSULB and moved to Long Beach, they still kept in touch. They both ended up moving home (thanks covid) during their Junior year, and Cade asked Lorin if she wanted to start going on runs with him to kill time in quarantine. Cade respectfully pursued Lorin because he knew that she was the one. He even went as far as paying for a crossfit membership (as a broke college student) at her gym so they could workout together daily! These gym sessions turned into hanging out together all day every day, and it was during this time that they truly became each other's best friends. Lorin's whole family was #TeamCade from the start. It's so hard not to love him, but Lorin was reluctant only because they had an amazing friendship and deep down she knew that Cade was THE one she would fall in love and spend forever with. Luckily, Cade is the most patient man on the planet, and he was willing to wait for Lorin no matter how long it took. In the summer of 2020, Cade invited Lorin on a trip to visit his uncle in Idaho that would ultimately seal their fate forever. (Shoutout to Uncle Brett, Aunt Shauna, and Winston!) There's no prettier setting than Priest Lake at sunset, which is where they shared their first kiss together, and also where Cade proposed 2 years later. That was the easiest "YES" of Lorin's entire life. Falling in love with each other was easy, and planning their entire future together was even easier. Cade and Lorin have been blessed in so many ways and cannot wait to be united in Christ and begin their life as husband and wife. They want to thank all of their friends and family who have always supported them, and they are so excited to celebrate their marriage with you all! #GoingGorrell

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