May 4, 2022
Cedar City, UT

Sally & Lindsey


Floral ArrangementFloral ArrangementFloral ArrangementFloral Arrangement

Lindsey Quinnett


Sally Johnstun


Cedar City


May 4


How We Met

Forbidden Love

We originally met at the movie theater when Sally was a Team Member and Lindsey was a Department Leader. Lindsey originally didn't like Sally that much, but they eventually became pretty good friends. After we both got out of relationships, we actually became much closer and spent more and more time together, we ended up becoming more than friends. Our first date was at Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 26, 2019, and have been together ever since!

The Proposal

April 3rd, 2021

Sally: I had been planning on proposing to Lindsey for a while. I wanted to have it be somewhere that was special to us, and I thought about proposing in Zion National Park. We have had so many fun times there, and it was actually one of the first adventures that we had ever gone on together, just us two. The plan was to take the back way into Zion (a drive that we have taken so many times before), and propose at the spot that Ben (my, now our, dog) had jumped out the window at to get to me. However, I was way too nervous to drive all the way down there, so I found another spot to propose at. When Lindsey got off work the day I planned on proposing, I told her that we need to go take some pictures for a photography project for school. So, off into the mountains we went! I pulled off at the overlook right before the turnoff to Cedar Breaks, with views of Zion and the rest of the beautiful nature that surrounded us. I told her that I needed to take pictures of her, ring in my jacket pocket. Once I got her out of the car, I dropped down on one knee and proposed. She didn't think that I was serious, but once she was actually able to see the ring (I had the box facing myself), she said yes!

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