October 10, 2020
New York, NY

Lily & Steven



Though not all of our family members will be able to join us, we're lucky to have them in our lives!

Steven Blocker


Founder and CEO of a healthcare app start-up. Volunteer paramedic and firefighter. Has mostly Mac products but still holding on to an Android phone, but we're working through it. Incredibly handsome and charming.

Lily Cushenbery


Business professor at Stony Brook University who loves photography, cooking, and any excuse to make all her friends get together. In the middle of traveling the world and rudely interrupted by the pandemic. Currently studying to be an EMT to volunteer with Steven.

Lynn Blocker

Mother of the Groom

Nutritionist who makes incredibly tasty food! Great at crossword puzzles and always knows the top story in the New York Times. Ask her for the best places to get the freshest ingredients.

Sofia Pesin

Mother of the Bride

Library scientist. Lover of cats, art, music, and literature. Enjoys walks in the park, swimming in the ocean, and lengthy poems are her jam.

Amie Blocker

Sister of the Groom

Studying Organizational Behavior - the same area Lily works in! Great minds think alike. Has impressive in-car dance skills, frozen margaritas are her weakness, and she makes the most beautiful spreadsheets.

Eugene Pesin

Father of the Bride

A computer programmer with an encyclopedic knowledge of historical figures and country capitals. Seriously, quiz him if you're ever on a long road trip. Recently discovered he played piano but we need more proof.

Paul Pesin

Brother of the Bride

Does all the important older brothering. Loves sci fi movies, history, and ice cream. Can tell you about any episode of Star Trek like he was there.