L'Erin & Chris

Curved Lines

Chris Mendoza


L'Erin Stortz

May 27, 2023

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Things to Know


Our wedding is Saturday, 5/27/23 in Playa del Carmen Mexico at the most magical resort, XCARET ARTE, where we got engaged! A few reminders if you are planning on coming... 1) Get Your Passport / Renew your Passport 2) We encourage you to come Thursday 5/25/23 - Monday 5/29/23 if possible. Of course, you can come earlier or stay longer. Those are just recommendations. Our room blocks are a 3 Night Minimum. Friday 5/26/23 is our Welcome Party in the afternoon, Wedding is Saturday 5/27/23. We will have an excursion/adventure park planned Sunday 5/28/23 that is OPTIONAL (you can have a beach day, paddle board, pool, lagoon time, spa, vacation time, you time, etc..) We just wanted to plan an adventure day for those that stay Sunday and want to go (Zip line, Swim in Cenotes, swim in caves, speed boats, swim with dolphins, etc). This IS INCLUDED with the all inclusive resort at no additional charge **Our Coordinator will contact each person/group that RSVP's with travel/transportation/room arrangement details to make this EASY for you 3) XCARET ARTE is an ADULT ONLY RESORT. We love your little ones!! But unfortunately, they cannot come. We hope you still come and make it an adult only weekend for you! 4) We are only inviting 50 people, so you are VERY special to us and we really want you there! If this just isn't feasible in 2023, we do understand. 5) This is an ALL INCLUSIVE resort which means it INCLUDES all Transportation, Food, Drinks, Adventure Park Excursions, Paddle Boarding in Lagoon etc.. And they have over 15+ Restaurants that are SOOO GOOD!! We cannot wait to spend a few days with all of you in such a beautiful place! Thank you for being a part of our love story and sharing this special time in our lives with us! Please click RSVP for next steps Follow XCARET ARTE on Instagram @hotelxcaretarte to see photos and get excited! It is also the same resort in our video above