Leigh & Andrew


Leigh Balice


Andrew Kouzema

May 6, 2023

Philadelphia, PA
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The Love Story

Our story begins with a simple question: Does meeting someone for coffee count as a date? Some (Leigh) say “yes”. Others, arguably much wiser (Andrew), say “no.” No matter which side of the fence you land on, coffee - facilitated through a dating app - is what brought us together for the first time in South Bend, Indiana in late 2018. We met at a pivotal point as we were both preparing to leave South Bend. Leigh was interviewing for jobs in Michigan to be closer to family, while Andrew was getting ready to graduate law school and begin his career in the Marine Corps. As luck would have it, Leigh’s job search kept her in South Bend allowing us to continue meeting for coffee, and at some point, actual dates. As 2019 progressed, we realized our plans for the future were becoming more and more intertwined. It was our first trip to Philadelphia, Andrew's beloved hometown, in October 2019, when we both realized we had accidentally and without notice fallen in love. The next year brought many challenges. Andrew moved to Quantico, Virginia and Newport, Rhode Island for training in the Marine Corps. The onset of a global pandemic certainly added some complications to our long-distance relationship. There were many FaceTime calls, plane rides, canceled visits, and tearful ‘goodbyes.’ Ultimately, our love strengthened in ways we never imagined. In January 2021, we were thrilled to be able to finally reunite and begin our lives together in Alexandria, Virginia. Philadelphia has held a special place in our hearts since our first trip there and we couldn’t be more excited to share the magic of the city with our favorite people as we celebrate our wedding.