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September 16, 2023

How We Met

Tinder does work!

In March of 2020, when the world seemed to be ending, we both found ourselves home again (Leif from Western Colorado University and Izzy from staying with family in Albuquerque, New Mexico). Bored and lonely in lockdown, we turned to Tinder for company and conversation neither of us expecting or desiring to meet anyone in person let alone fall in love. But fate had other plans and after a few months of long video calls, daily Snapchat conversations, poems written back and forth and clandestine dessert deliveries we finally had our first date.

Pandemic Paramores

Dating while the world is ending

We spent much of our first few years taking long drives into the mountains, relying on drive throughs and delivery and escaping to Leif's family's cabin in Grand Lake. We relied heavily on each other as we grieved the future we'd been expecting and worried over family members and the rising number of people impacted by COVID-19. We built our relationship on a foundation of resilience, open communication and emotional vulnerability. These things have stayed with us as we've grown and remain a core foundation of ours as we move into marriage.

Moving In

The next natural step

We found a cozy apartment in Arvada that fit us just right and set to work making it feel like a home. The time we spent there was a special time of connection and conflict but it mostly gave us the space and freedom to pursue what we loved. Leif began rebuilding his career in theater and Izzy began pursuing her Master's degree and opened her business as a baker. There were periods of difficulty as there often are during times of change but it only brought us closer and allowed us to forge new avenues of relationship.

Olive & Ivy

The lights of our lives

Ivy Piper has been with Izzy since she was a kitten and remains a mama's girl (although she would assert that Leif has the best lap for naps of anyone she's ever met). Little Olive came into our lives at the end of 2021 and is the sweetest addition. She is slightly precocious but mostly spooked and loves attention on her terms. We wish they could have been more a part of our special day so instead we wanted to share their sweetness with you here. Don't worry, we'll give them some extra pets from you!

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