April 10, 2021
Savannah, GA

Alexandra & Bryan


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Bryan Lehman


Alexandra North




April 10


How we met


Bryan and I met on New Years Eve of 2019. If you can't guess how, you might be too young...or too old. He came to my house to pick me up to take me to dinner, and he brought me orange tulips. At this point, I knew he was special. We never went out to dinner; instead, we got to know one another, had sushi at the house, and laughed through Ace Ventura. He was my New Year's kiss, and he will be my only kiss forever.

When Alex knew

Ships of the Sea

I knew I loved Bryan when we went out for Super Museum Day in Savannah. I wanted to take him to the Ships of the Sea museum, which is one of my favorites in the city. This museum also has beautiful gardens...and a very old weather station. The director of the museum approached us, and I asked what the weather station was; she went on to explain it to us, and then walked us around the whole garden! I showed interest in many of the trees and plants in the garden, and Bryan did as well. She took us around all of the grounds, explaining in detail each plant, when they flower, and where they originate. I was pleased, but I also thought "Is Bryan enjoying himself?" I was worried he would not want this full garden tour, and maybe want to move on to the next museum. When I finally asked him, he said he was happy to learn, to watch me learn and take in every fact, and to be with me. I fell in love with him in that instant, but didn't tell him until days later when we took a trip to Disney World. We were standing in the middle of the Mexican pavilion at EPCOT and it popped out. We kissed right near my favorite nacho place, and I am almost positive we inconvenienced many families because they had to walk around us. However, in that moment it felt like we were alone. It was magical.

When Bryan Knew

The first thought that I loved Alex sprouted on one of our dates when we were spending time watching movies. We had long conversations and Alex taught me to use chopsticks. I would look into Alex’s eyes and it felt like home. Then we went out for Super Museum Day to Ships of the Sea Museum. Spending time learning about the ships and walking through the garden together was a wonderful experience. I admired Alex’s knowledge and explorative mind. As we walked through the gardens I froze with the realization that I loved her. The thought compounded throughout the rest of the day. I told her I loved her later that day in the foyer of her house. She was surprised!

Wedding Elopement

Well, that was fast

Bryan and I got married in a "micro wedding" on December 30th, 2020. We became Lehman North in the Walz Garden at Bonaventure Cemetery, and afterward had dinner at The Pink House.