Lauren Elizabeth & Justin Parker


Lauren Elizabeth Welles


Justin Parker Medley

October 6, 2023

Nashville, TN

Where it all started

The Night Johnny Cash Met His International Spy

Lauren and JP met on Halloween in 2017. Lauren's best friend Rebecca Salino had just started working at a lounge called Better Days in the Lower East Side, NYC, where Kenny Meadows (hubby of JP's childhood friend Amber Meadows) happened to be her manager. As best friends do, Lauren promised Rebecca she would come keep her company at her new job on Halloween night in full costume dressed as an international spy. Little did she know it'd be the night she'd meet the love of her life and future husband, JP, or as we called him that night, Johnny Cash. Despite Kenny's warning to JP not to fraternize with his new employee's friend, JP told Kenny that night, "I'm going to marry that girl."

The Proposal

JP proposed to Lauren in August 2022 in her favorite place in the world, her family's property in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. It was only fitting that the people who brought us together years ago, Rebecca, Amber, and Kenny, were there with us to celebrate, along with Lauren's family and a few other close friends. And celebrate we most definitely did!

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