Beth & Tyler


Beth Laschever


Tyler Robinson


October 7, 2023

West Park, NY
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Our Story

West Coast Girl meets East Coast Guy

The year was 2011, Beth was a Senior and Tyler was a Sophomore at Hofstra University. Their first memory together takes place across a beer pong table at a college party at “Holly House.” One thing can be said for certain: the flirtatious tension was definitely in the air above those red solo cups. They became Facebook friends but life quickly pulled Beth and Tyler in different directions after that party and their paths didn’t cross again at school. Beth graduated that spring and moved to the big city with her friends. Tyler transferred to Emerson college in Boston, graduated in 2014, and then eventually moved to the other big city, Los Angeles. By 2017, after three years on the west coast, Tyler started to have a feeling in his gut. The east coast was calling to him again. Maybe it was cupid shooting him with an arrow. Strangely enough, right when he started to have these feelings, there was a job opportunity that opened up in NYC. Tyler accepted the job offer and followed his fate back to the east coast. One month later, after a super hasty road trip across the country, Tyler landed in New York City and began his new job and new life. A few months after that, Beth and Tyler reconnected online with a little help from the app Bumble and went on their first date. November 17th, 2017. Tyler invited Beth to join him at a concert at Terminal 5 in NYC. The band was Circa Survive which Beth didn’t know anything about but she knew she wanted to go on a date with Tyler. After drinks, jumping in the mosh pit, and first dance butterflies, the concert ended and they grabbed some very necessary pizza. You could say, it was “Love at First Slice.” They took the train back to Brooklyn and had their first kiss on Tyler’s roof, with the New York City skyline glowing behind them. Beth immediately fell for Tyler’s positive outlook, his kind spirit and spontaneous nature. Tyler was taken with Beth’s green eyes, her big heart, and passion for life. After several months of dating, meeting friends and effortlessly fitting into each other’s lives, they made their relationship official. They connected over their love for the outdoors, live music, camping, traveling and photography, while also both working in the film/tv industry. After almost 1 year of living together, they experienced the joys of quarantining together through a pandemic. They moved to Park Slope and fell in love all over again with Brooklyn. On July 2, 2021, Tyler suggested they take a walk in Prospect Park before going out to dinner. Little did Beth know, Tyler would get down on one knee and ask her to marry him along a familiar path they walked together many times. They are thrilled to finally get the chance to celebrate with their loved ones at their dream wedding on October 7, 2023.