Meredith & Sam


Sam Langfritz


Meredith Morrison

September 15, 2023

Pine, Colorado
177 days177 d4 hours4 h13 minutes13 min5 seconds5 s

How we met

We found love in a hopeless place

It was July 3, 2018 and all of Denver was out to celebrate. Meredith was with a group of friends celebrating her friend Maggie's birthday. Sam was with some friends celebrating the work holiday. Maggie insisted they go to Denver's classiest establishment, Ginn Mill. After much hesitation, Meredith finally agreed. Upon arrival, Meredith spotted Sam and his friend Malin next to the bar. Meredith struck up a conversation with Sam, Sam got Mer a drink from the bar (vodka, soda, splash of cranberry juice, and a lime) and the rest is history! After bar close, they went to Meredith's rooftop and spent hours talking and getting to know each other. They joked that night that they would travel the world together, 4 months later they found themselves exploring Egypt. Many adventures and merriment have happened in the last 5 years, and they know this is only the beginning.