Kian & Timothy

The countdown until our forever is on.


Kian Kameli


Timothy Martoccio


October 14, 2023

Winnetka, IL
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Our Story

October 2017

Just like many couples, we met at work! I had just started working at the same technology company that my good friend and Bridesman, Nader Kouklan, worked at. Our headquarters had a company bar that we could go to on Friday afternoons to get a drink. When I first started, Nader would take me around and introduce me to everyone at the company. Forgetting who he introduced me to, he would re-introduce me to Tim every Friday which is how we first met and continued to meet several times. Tim says that he fell in love with my silver hair and my smile. Right before Christmas week, Nader asked me if I wanted to go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Our Company was sponsoring the event for our Engineering team so I went for the drinks and appetizers. As I was sipping my dirty vodka martini, Tim came over to me and we started talking. Not knowing that I had absolutely no interest in Star Wars, Tim proceeded to walk me through the entire timeline of the series. Six years later and so much has changed! After navigating Covid in Chicago, we packed up and moved across the country to Arizona. Shortly after, we left the company that we worked together at, started our careers in the tech start up space, got engaged, purchased our first home that we've been renovating for the past two years and started planning our dream wedding! We have a lot on our plate but there is no one else that I would rather experience these milestones with! Thankfully, I have my best friend and biggest supporter by my side.