March 25, 2022
Paradise Valley, AZ

Kendal & Sean

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

We've been lucky enough to amass a pretty stellar support group in our closest friends and family. Meet them here!

Daynalyn Wain

Matron of Honor

Kendal's sister Fun fact/conversation starter: Daynalyn can recite the entire movie The Three Amigos from start to finish!

Jordan Jarvis

Best Man

Sean's brother Fun fact/conversation starter: Jordan has thrown a 98mph fastball!

Chelsea Charleston


Kendal's sister Fun fact: Chelsea and her sisters share the opinion that the sequel, Grease 2, is way better than the original.

Cameron Jarvis


Sean's brother Fun fact/conversation starter: Once, at summer camp, Cameron beat out over 300 other kids to win a rock, paper, scissors tournament!

Carìn Corrie


Fun fact/conversation starter: Carìn is a former Miss Albuquerque and was first runner up for Miss New Mexico!

Justin Jarvis


Sean's brother Fun fact/conversation starter: Justin shares what we hope will NOT be a once in a lifetime experience with Sean and Kendal - the three of them went to see the Phoenix Suns in the 2021 NBA Finals together!

Jordann Hoffman-Wilson


The unique spelling of Jordann's name is continued on with her daughter - Brooklynn! We like to call them toons (TwoNs, get it)?!

Daniel Hildebrand


Fun fact/conversation starter: Dan and his siblings own Base Pizzeria, just a bit down the street from the wedding venue! Be sure to check it out!

Jordan Singletary


Fun fact/conversation starter: Jordan and Kendal were roomies on a 2 week long NBA trip to China!

Turner Degrassi


Fun fact/conversation starter: Sean officiated Turner's wedding!

Caley Goldblatt


Fun fact/conversation starter: Caley has always been a fantastic dancer, but she actually can't point her feet!

Nate Nelson


Fun fact/conversation starter: Nate, aka DJ Twitch, produced and recorded a super secret hidden track in which he, Sean, and a couple other BYU boys rap (yes, I said rap) to a sample of Dancing In the Moonlight.

Rachael Munkacsi


Fun fact/conversation starter: Rachael has a unique and sometimes dangerous hobby - storm chasing!

Robert Morgan


Fun fact/conversation starter: Robert wrote and directed Shroomers, a story you can catch on Prime Video!

Kendra Goldblatt


Fun fact/conversation starter: Since their names are so similar, Kendra and the bride were often referred to as "the Kends, both -ra and -al!"

Sam Hughes


Fun fact/conversation starter: Sam graduated from Columbia University after serving in military special forces. Thank you for your service, Sam!

Rodney Jarvis


Sean's father, Rod, is a true orator, blessed with a booming voice that lights up the room when he tells his stories. We are so excited to have him marry us! Fun fact/conversation starter: RJ has penned and illustrated a collection of poems and short stories for a children's book! Any publishing hook-ups out there?

Kelly Jarvis

Mother of the Groom

Fun fact/conversation starter: Kelly is an incredible cook - it must be those Southern roots! The groom's favorite dish of hers is her pot roast. She whips up a mean red velvet cake, too!

Bryce McKinney-Wain

Mother of the Bride

Fun fact/conversation starter: BMW is a retired public school teacher. She taught at Arcadia High School for over 30 years! She had both of her daughters in class, but no nepotism here; she gave one of them a D and locked the other in a closet for disrupting class :)

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