Becky & David

We’re Getting Married!


David Stobbe


Becky Keeshin

September 2, 2023

Sturgeon Bay, WI
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A Bloody Meeting

Becky and David met working at Lifeline Theatre in September 2017. They were both understudies and met in the audience of the second preview. Upon arriving, they instantly clicked and people thought they were old friends. As the lights went down, David leaned over and said “By the way, I like your dress. You look really pretty.” Becky immediately seized up, panicked with nerves at the compliment, and her nose began to bleed. David whispered “Your nose is bleeding” and handed her his bandana which she held on her nose for the rest of the performance. Becky did not whisper back “This is what happens when I’m around a boy I like.” She then thought, “Holy Cow, at-least I didn’t throw up. If I end up with this guy this is a great story. They were stuck together two months later. David proposed on their trip to Scotland in Glen Coe on November 25, 2022.