Katie & John



John Pham


Katie Argueta

August 27, 2023

6809 Airlie Rd, Warrenton

Our Story

August 27th 2023

Our Journey began in the Filipino Cultural Association at George Mason University. On July 7th, 2017 the official love story began. Since then, we've grown to become better people not only for each other, but for ourselves. Our love has been tested through the pandemic and it wasn't until a little online game called Stardew Valley where John decided Katie was the one. For Katie, it was the very first date. John is convinced his jokes are far funnier than Katie, and Katie is convinced her mismatched socks are acceptable. Katie loves to cook and John hates dirty dishes so it truly was a match made in heaven. We are disgustingly cute in public so we apologize to all our friends who have witnessed this. We get caught up in our own world when we are together, joking, laughing, and teasing each other. And of course we have our frustrating times when John abandons Katie to play league for 8 hours straight or when Katie forgets to do laundry and John no longer has clean underwear. We are incredibly grateful to have so many people help support our relationship. We've learned so much from our friends and family and that has allowed us to tie the knot. Our story doesn't end here and we hope to continue adding chapters to our lives with you all in it. Thank you for being apart of our journey. - John and Katie

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