Katelyn & Jeremy


Jeremy Quarry


Katelyn Barley

November 11, 2023

Baltimore, MD
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How we met


Katelyn and Jeremy were both proud captains of their respective kickball teams. When it came time for the "Kickin it with Santa" annual winter kickball tournament, both captains signed up their teams. Jeremy, in a VERY rare occurance, was not able to fill the roster with 15 players. Katelyn's team completely bailed on her and therefore the two "Boh Knows" players were combined on the "4th Base" roster. Both Katelyn and Jeremy scoped out the other on Facebook prior to the event and thought, "Hmmm....". We went on our first date on December 12, 2017, at Looney's Pub in Canton. Truly the rest is history!

The Proposal


Katelyn was ready for the proposal approximately 2 years before it happened. Katelyn & Jeremy attended 11 weddings together over 4 years and she desperately wanted it to be her turn. Jeremy in his own thoughtful and considerate way wanted it to be the "right time". They got engaged on their annual Ocean City, MD trip last summer and then wedding planning began! We're so excited to celebrate with you. Can't wait for everyone to visit Baltimore!