Emily & Justin


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October 11, 2024

New Orleans, LA
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How We Met


We both went to the University of Alabama and during freshman year we were set up for Pi Phi Cocktail through a mutual friend. The first time Justin met Emily he eloquently said "I have a crush on you". We continued going to date parties together and officially started dating our sophomore year. Over the last 8 years we have graduated, started careers, been long distant, moved in together, adopted 2 dogs and bought a house! We appreciate all the support from you over these years and can't wait to celebrate together.

The Proposal


The proposal begins with a trip to Charleston that was six months in the making. Under the guise of a long weekend in the city, I planned to ask Emily to spend the rest of her life with me, and, assuming she agrees, celebrate with our closest friends and family. After spending the day hopping around the city, avoiding running into our friends, and killing time until our photographer was ready, I dragged Emily (who had been asking for a nap) to the French Quarter to look at the historic residences. While walking around the neighborhood, we 'stumbled' upon a peculiar house with an open sign to their back garden. After walking down the cobblestone path and emerging in the garden, I got down on one knee and asked one of the easiest questions in the world. Emily of course said yes and was thrilled that a photographer was there to capture the moment. I had one last surprise in store, though. We proceeded to meet our family and friends at the local rum bar (IFYKYK) to celebrate the occasion and kick off the rest of our weekend of festivities. As with our engagement, we are so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. Meet us in Nola and let the good times continue to roll!

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