Julia & Aaron

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Julia Meyers


Aaron Knust

November 4, 2023

Norfolk, VA

How We Met


After many failed attempts and crazy first dates that could fill a storybook, they finally matched with the right one. If you've ever heard of Hinge, you know that it truly is the dating app Designed To Be Deleted. They were both about to give up all hope of finding their person this way, until they came across each other's profiles and the rest is history. Their first date was at a local brewery. Everything felt easy, and they knew something special was brewing. To this day, Aaron says he saw his life flash before his eyes on that evening ... a life with Julia by his side. As the hours flew by, they glanced around to see they were the last people there. Julia, being the lightweight that she is, needed some french fries before being able to drive herself home, so she handed Aaron her car keys. Good thing he is not a serial killer. After visiting the McDonalds drive thru, they listened to their favorite music over a sundae and some fries. Just before leaving, Aaron leaned in for the first kiss, which sealed their fate that they had each found the one.

The Proposal


It is no secret that these two hit the ground running shortly after meeting. They had already moved in with each other, bought their first house, and talked about wanting to get married long before the proposal. Despite the inevitable, Aaron was able to completely surprise Julia with the most dreamy and romantic engagement ever. Knowing that they were traveling to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a vacation with friends, Aaron started planning. Taking full advantage of their surrounding support system, Aaron made sure to have a photographer ready (their friend, Snappy) and to have Julia distracted when necessary. The girls ensured Julia was dressed for their night of pictures and sightseeing, which did not alarm her, as this is the norm for the group. That evening, they took a chairlift up to Anakeesta for the panoramic views of the Smoky Moutains. Once it was time for Aaron and Julia to get their couple shots in front of the heart-shaped twigloo, the friends helped pose them. For the final shot, the group had Julia look ahead, while leading Aaron with her hand. Confused as to why she felt him drop to the ground, she looked behind her, and boom, cue the waterworks.

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