Joslyn & Bob are Getting Married!

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Joslyn & Bob are Getting Married !






May 10, 2024

San José del Cabo, MX

Our Love Story

Joslyn & Bob met in Austin in July 2021 when he was in town on an extended visit living with his sister, Christine. They knew it was something special after they had 5 dates in the first week and were already making other plans for the coming months. Their relationship blossomed quickly and they moved in together after 9 months. They had a year full of ups and downs including family loss, job loss, health issues, and many more. But their love grew stronger knowing they had gotten through so many things early on in their relationship. After about a year of living together, Bob started to put together his plan to propose. Bob brought Joslyn to the boat docks of the Austin Country Club convincing her they were there to celebrate his nieces 13th birthday. Joslyn had zero clue what was going on and was being, and on top of feeling sick that day, she was being very difficult and not easily going along with his attempted plans. He spent about 10 minutes trying to get her to walk over to a grassy area where the penny backer bridge would have been perfectly in the background, but Joslyn didn't want to "walk in the mud" to get there. After a few more attempts, and a few more rejections from Joslyn, Bob eventually led her down the wood docks where he would eventually propose. It wasn't until he grabbed her hand and said "I have something to ask you" that she finally figured out what was going on. It's unclear was was said on either side, but the blur turned into a beautiful proposal and a newly engaged couple. Bob's sister and family were close behind ready to pop out and take photos and celebrate with them. After enjoying a champagne toast and lovely dinner at the country club with the family, Bob still had a few surprises up his sleeve. He had flown Joslyn's best friend (and MOH) into town who was waiting for them at home after dinner. He also planned a surprise party with 20+ of their closest friends the next day. The celebration lasted all weekend and will continue to last through May of next year. It was truly a special moment and Bob did a great job of planning everything without Joslyn having any idea. Bob & Joslyn's lives have been truly changed for the better after meeting and they could not be more excited to get married and spend their lives loving each other.

For all the days along the way
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