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    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Get to know the Wedding Parties because what Wedding is complete without people to share it with? In true nerd-fashion, the grooms' Wedding Parties have a theme to them for a personal touch to the festivities! Josh and his Wedding Party take inspiration from Sailor Moon with each of them represented by a Sailor Guardian (Senshi) James and his Wedding Party pay homage to The Lord of the Rings with each of them represented by a member of The Fellowship


Groomswoman (Sailor Pluto)

She/Her I met Josh our first year at Coe in Calculus I. After sitting next to each other in class we became study-buddies, best friends, and roommates. In my free time I enjoy baking, crocheting, and watching horror movies. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love fun science facts!


Groomsman (Samwise)

He/Him Teagan Butler met James at college, through multiple student groups at Kirkwood. He's helped James move 6 times, the last of which made Teagan the couple's roommate for 2 years. He's dragged James on several adventures, including two rainy camping trips, and trips to Chicago and Indianapolis for comic conventions. Teagan met Josh through James, quickly bonding over video games, TikTok trends, and dunking on James whenever possible. Teagan currently resides in Tiffin, IA with his very spoiled cat, Gorgonzola.


Groomswoman (Sailor Mars)

She/Her Hi I’m Alex ! I first met Josh in 5th grade, so we have known each other forever and our friendship as really stood the test of time. I first met James when he and Josh came to help my partner and I move. I knew he must have REALLY liked Josh if he was willing to help two complete strangers move (he was definitely a keeper)! Josh and I both share a love of video games, makeup, and (of course) Sailor Moon. I’m so excited to be apart of their special day and hope they have many happy years to come.


Groomsman (Pippin)

He/Him Howdy doo, my name is Nohl and I have known James since 2015. We first met during college and lived together for a couple years. Josh and I became fast friends over our mutual love of video games. Our usual antics include playing video games or Magic The Gathering together, and late-night excursions for pie.


Groomswoman (Sailor Mercury)

She/Her Josh and I have been close pals since early 2018. We met working together on an inpatient child psychiatry unit. We love to spend time strolling through Iowa City and drinking bubble tea, or having the occasional art day with painting, drawing, and good music! A fun fact about me is that I'm a pediatric ICU nurse! I am also a bunny fanatic with two bunnies of my own.


Groomswoman (Merry)

She/Her What's shakin, Bacon? I met James our freshman year of college. We were both working on the Bernie Sanders campaign. Throughout the years we have worked on campaigns and volunteer projects together, developing a pretty stellar friendship. I currently live in Florida and am enjoying working, spending time with family and having fun in the sun. I'm thrilled to celebrate James and Josh's special day!


Groomswoman (Sailor Venus)

She/Her My name is Amber and Josh and I have been friends since college. We met through mutual friends and quickly discovered how well we collaborate together. Whatever artistic adventure we were on, we were always available for each other to bring them to life, and have a silly fun time doing so. In addition to making art, I also enjoy crochet (I don't know how to knit), casual video games, and my cats!

Alex "Kes"

Groomsman (Gandalf)

He/Him or They/Them I've been friends with James since 2019. We met through the queer community in Iowa City. We then worked together helping run a non-profit housing co-op and lived as housemates for a time.


Groomswoman (Sailor Saturn)

She/Her Jenna Kelly has been acquainted with Mr. Joshua since 2015, introduced by studying the life sciences at Coe College. A friendship was initiated through the irrevocable appeal of a cupcake hat in Genetics. Now, their dogs are as inseparable as they are incompatible - many Saturdays are spent playing video games under the watchful eyes of two wary hounds. Additionally, she has been the partner of Zachariah Barry for a decade.


Groomswoman (Gimli)

She/Her Amanda grew up in small town, central Iowa and attended college in small town Illinois. She has subsequently stumbled through various service work (as well as farming and substitute teaching) before landing in her current gig as the administrative coordinator of her former home, River City Housing Collective. As with all of her favorite people, she met James—and later, Josh—at RCHC where their mutual sense of responsibility and nerdy passion for policy and current events made them quick friends. Amanda lives with her partner, Hannah, and their three animals: Burt the dog and cats, EggB and Neoma. They will all be moving to Pennsylvania this fall for Hannah’s job.


Groomsman (Sailor Jupiter)

He/Him I first met Josh as my partner Jenna's roommate. Though I didn't see him much I heard many a funny story from Jenna. Since moving to Iowa to live with Jenna, Josh and James have become friends and a constant in our life.


Groomswoman (Legolas)

She/Her Hi everyone, my name is Tiffany Harding. James is my cousin from my dad's side of the family! I live in Baltimore with my husband and two kids (James and Charlie). We are excited to celebrate with James and Josh!

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