Joseph & Trinidad

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Joseph Listopad


Trinidad Vargas


August 20, 2023

Luray, VA
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How we met

Trinidad and Aaron met at the church they both attended in Falls Church Virginia. They both attended the young adult ministry where they started to interact with one another. Trinidad would get nervous every time Aaron came around and would drop forks, bump into tables, and stumble over her words. At the start of 2022, the church went through a period of fasting and Aaron participated in a recap video for the church that was presented during one of the services. They started a conversation over social media about the impact of the fast on each of them and the conversation grew into many different topics. From that simple conversation sparked an interest that brought this couple to where they are today.

First Date

After talking over text for a month and some encouragement from their friends at church, Aaron decided he wanted to ask Trinidad out on a date. They had spent time together in groups many times at church activities, but never one on one up to this point. The young adult group had a bowling event planned and Aaron decided that was where he would ask Trinidad out. At the end of the event before the two left, Aaron approached and asked Trinidad out and she said yes! Later that week the couple went out on their first date. The first activity on their date was axe throwing. Trinidad was surprisingly good at axe throwing where as Aaron started off strong but couldn't hit the target after the first ten minutes. Afterwards the couple walked down the street for dinner. The original plan got altered when the restaurant Aaron had planned to go to was full so they settled on a Ramen shop just a little farther away. The restaurant was nice and the conversations were even better. Both of them could see there was something special about the other.



The couple got engaged in Charleston SC. At the time of the engagement, the couple was in a long distance relationship with Trinidad living in Charleston and Aaron living near DC. They could only see each other once a month so there were not many opportunities for the proposal to happen. A month earlier, Aaron planned to go down to Charleston to visit Trinidad on her birthday weekend and decided he would use that event to disguise the proposal. Aaron needed some help to orchestrate the proposal without Trinidad knowing so he recruited the Antone Family to help. Aaron told Taylor he wanted to have the engagement at the gazebo at White Point Garden, a park in downtown Charleston and Taylor arranged the photographer and created the excuse to get Trinidad to the location. On the day of the proposal, Trinidad, Aaron, and the family went out for brunch and then left for the engagement site. Trinidad was under the impression that they had to stop at the park so that the Antone family could take a family photo for the website of the church residency program Taylor was participating in before the launch of his church. She had no idea what the real plan was. The group arrived at the location and they were greeted by the photographer. The family began taking pictures and after they were through Taylor encouraged the couple to take some pictures since the photographer was there. They took some pictures and then it was time. Aaron distracted Trinidad by pointing at a baby, stepped back and waited for her to notice. Trinidad turned her head, looked at Aaron with some confusion, and said" what are you doing?" Aaron grabbed her hands and then she knew what was happening. Trinidad said yes.