Neely & Joseph


The Story of Us

The Wedding Website of Neely Estey and Joseph Bennett
We met in 2018 as freshmen at SCAD, right across the hall from each other in our dorm building. A few short months later, we were dating! And then we broke up. Thankfully, that's not where the story ends. After a brief time apart, we realized there was something special about what we had. We agreed to try again and have been together ever since, growing in faith and becoming well-rounded people by the grace of God. It's been an incredible five years, and we are completely different people than we were before. We are so excited to start life together the way God designed, pursuing a home with Him at the center! We are thrilled that you have been part of our journey. We hope you will support us in the years to come! All our love, Joey and Neely :))