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Wedding Party

The Wedding Website of Jonah Frichtl and Katelyn Gaffri
"We know the best humans on the planet & we are so lucky to get to walk alongside them." Jonah & Katelyn love their friends & family with everything they have. Katelyn has given each individual in her party a different flower that embodies their personal friendship as well as their symbol in a marriage. The bride's bouquet will be a combination of each flower, representing everything that got them to the altar and everything to come. Jonah, being the loving comedian he is, is giving each person on his side a gift focused on different birds. Each bird represents not only the unique qualities of the person but also the story and significance they hold in his life. Don't worry, there will be feathers in the bouquets & the boutonnieres.

Lowell Hochhalter


Jonah & Katelyn are excited to take this next step and are honored to have Lowell leading it! When Katelyn first met Lowell and his amazing family at Kara's (Bridesmaid) wedding, she was in awe of this stand-up crowd of humans. Kara married Lowell's son Carson (Usher). Everything about the Hochhalter family was absolutely beautiful. Not only the way Lowell would speak but also how he carried himself and led an entire room. Jonah got to experience this same feeling at Carson's surprise 30th birthday. As the officiant, he will have God, the couple, and all of those who attend in a moment of pure bliss as they become husband and wife.

Ava Krueger

Flower Girl

Our darling Flower Girl, Ava! At just five years old, Ava embodies pure sweetness, innocence, & energy making her the perfect addition to our wedding celebration. As the cherished daughter of Kyla & Trevor (Usher), Ava holds a special place in their hearts. The couple is overjoyed to have her play such a significant role on the big day. Ava's presence will surely add an extra sprinkle of magic to the ceremony. As she makes her way down the aisle, she'll be scattering petals of love & celebration, each one carrying a special significance. Katelyn has kept every flower Jonah has ever given her, & now Ava will be tossing these cherished blooms, symbolizing the enduring love and affection shared on the couple's journey.

Lucas McGarrah

Ring Bearer

Lucas, Lukey, or by some known as Ricky, is Jonah's nephew and the son of our Best Man & Bridesmaid, Kolby & Hannah. Lucas made Jonah an uncle for the first time, and over the years has developed the sweetest bond with Kate, becoming her best little buddy after a few swim lessons. They love Lucas, his sweet heart, his inquisitive mind, and his joy for music. When asked whose ring he wants to carry, Lucas quickly said he wants to carry Kate's ring over uncle Jo Jo's. We are so excited for him to play such an important role in our ceremony & know he will steal the show!

Rhett McGarrah

Ring Bearer

Rhett, or as he'll correct you, Rhett Rhett, is the little brother of Lucas. Rhett is the spunkiest little guy & the family knows that he's going to grow into a fun, easy-going fella, full of life. Rhett will be carrying Jonah's ring down the aisle as a ring bearer, & the couple is beyond happy to have their favorite little redheads play such an important role on their big day!

Kolby McGarrah

Best Man

Kolby is truly a one of a kind human. He exemplifies grace, kindness, and thoughtfulness in a way that is seldom matched. He's the wonderful father to our ring bearers, Lucas & Rhett, and husband to Hannah (Jonah's twin sister). As Jonah's brother-in-law, his involvement in the wedding was never uncertain, but his relationship to Jonah goes beyond the "in-law" qualifier to the word brother, and thus required a role of elevated importance. Kolby has shown up in Jonah's life in a way that few would. From offering words of advice, to offering a room in his home - Kolby is the definition of a brother in every way - and we are honored to have him stand with us on our wedding day as the Best Man.

Thomas Gaffri

Man of Honor

Katelyn's one and only sibling. It is known that these two are opposites. He's introverted, and Kate's extroverted. Where Katelyn dances with the wind, Tom's feet are firmly planted on the ground. He is the thinker, the strategist, the one who meticulously plans each step before taking the plunge. In contrast, Katelyn dives headfirst, good or bad! Despite their differences, they are two halves of a whole, complementing each other in ways only true siblings can. There is no one Katelyn trusts more to stand by her side than Tom. He is not only her brother but also her closest friend, confidant, and fellow adventurer in the realms of D&D and late-night gaming sessions. It is not an obligation but out of admiration that Katelyn has chosen Tom to be her Man of Honor. Tom is the only individual that has been there with her since the sandy beaches of Hawaii. For that reason, she has given Tom the white hibiscus as the flower in his boutonniere representing the only person there since day one. Born from the same blood, yet as different as night and day, nothing on the planet compares to this relationship.

MacKenzie Evilsizer

Matron of Honor

The sister Katelyn picked for herself. MacKenzie and Katelyn became friends in high school. They joke that much like the innocence of a child asking to be friends, Katelyn simply picked Kenzie one day and they never looked back. They were college roommates in the dorms, sorority sisters at Pi Phi, and now, in each other's weddings as maids/matrons of honor. Their bond transcends the boundaries of blood, rooted in shared experiences, laughter, and countless cherished memories, She is Katelyn's cheerleader & rock through every triumph and tribulation. With so many memories together & many more to come, Katelyn is beyond grateful for a forever friend like MacKenzie. Conveniently, both of the ladies' favorite flower is the pink peony. As a friend, promoted to "sister", Kenzie gets the favorite flower in the wedding bouquet.

Gus Goldberg


Gus, or sometimes known to Jonah as Goose, is one of Jonah's dearest and closest friends. After meeting on a ski retreat and having to share a bed after just meeting each other, Gus and Jonah have been friends ever since. Gus is one of the most loyal and loving humans they have ever known, and Jonah counts himself lucky to call Gus not only his friend, but his brother, despite not being related in blood.

Hannah McGarrah


Katelyn asked Jonah's twin sister to stand on her side for many reasons. It may seem obligatory as future family but for these two - it goes beyond the traditional roles. Hannah epitomizes the essence of a dedicated spouse, emanates both inner and outer beauty, and generously offers endless love and encouragement to those around her. These are all qualities that Katelyn aspires to embody. Just as lavender embodies purity, devotion, and serenity, Hannah's wisdom and calming demeanor have been instrumental in the couple's relationship. That is why Hannah is the lavender in Katelyn's wedding bouquet. Hannah understands Katelyn in a way a true blood sister would & both are eagerly anticipating the moment when they officially become sisters.

Blaine Wuertz


Blaine and Jonah met at Black Dog Coffee House while Jonah worked behind the bar and Blaine came in to do some homework. They got to chatting, and long story short, Blaine didn't do a minute of schoolwork that afternoon. Shortly after, Blaine started working at the coffee shop, and they have been friends ever since. Blaine jumps out of planes for fun. He's a wicked good snowboarder & actively saves lives on a daily basis. Needless to say, he's pretty badass! Blaine is one of the most intentional people on the planet, and is loved by many. Look for the cool guy with a mustache. Unless he shaves it... after that, look for the cool guy with the cool hair! You'll know him when you see him.

Molly Oberg


As we know, Katelyn never had a sister. Which meant she never had two closets the way typical sisters do. Not until, Molly. Molly & Katelyn have already shared clothes, stories, tears (from being too competitive at family game nights), laughs, and soon - husbands with the same name. Molly is married to Jonah Oberg (Groomsman) and Katelyn is marrying her older brother, Jonah (the Groom). Very early on, Molly shared something she loved with Kate hoping she would love it, too. A clothing boutique. Though simple, this gesture carried profound meaning, serving as an analogy for their bond. Molly wasted no time integrating Kate into her life and sharing her most cherished possessions. It may seem obligatory to ask a family member to be in their wedding, but for Kate, it goes much deeper than just blood. It is a tradition that holds a ton of meaning, gaining a sister in Molly. In the wedding bouquet, Molly represents the calla lily—a flower that not only stems from the boutique Molly shared, but also symbolizes devotion. This devotion mirrors the bond between sisters & even the dedication we display in our quest to win board games.

Sam Steingraber


Sam is one of those people that you're better off in life having known him. The way he cares and loves his friends is not only aspirational, but often one of the biggest blessings. He's married to Kristin (Groomswoman) & father to 5 amazing kids that Bride & Groom love dearly. Over the years, Sam and Jonah have shot weddings together, spent countless hours in the car listening to Harry Potter, quoting Friends, and talking over the intricacies of life and the best way to live it. Sam is a friend who became family, and his influence and place in Jonah's life is immeasurable. Everyone who knows him loves him and his entire family dearly. Jonah is honored to have Sam be part of their wedding day!

Kristin Steingraber


Kristin is one of those people that leaves a tremendous mark on your life having known her. She and her husband Sam (Groomsmen) have been the kind of friends to Jonah (and now Kate) that shows up in the most intentional ways. She is a constant example of what it looks like to love the people around you generously. Kristin is always ready to listen, offer encouragement and a seat at her table, and is fiercely loyal to her people. If you're looking for a friend for life, start a chat with Kristin.

Kara Hochhalter


Kara is the forget-me-not in Katelyn's wedding bouquet. Just as the delicate flower symbolizes remembrance, true love, and fidelity, their friendship embodies the essence of cherishing the past while embracing the journey ahead. From the moment they met at RYLA, Katelyn knew Kara was going to mean a lot to her. From shared experiences at camp to their love for God, the two have a very profound relationship. Kara brings boundless joy and light into life, effortlessly reminding Katelyn of her special memories over the years. Kara's presence is a symbol of friendship, loyalty, and the values she holds dear. With Kara by her side on the wedding day and in the years to come, we are reminded that true friendships, like the forget-me-not, are unique and divine.

Abby Coffee


Abby was chosen as the white rose in Katelyn's wedding bouquet to represent the journey of marriage. Abby's character speaks for itself. Her loyalty, strength, and unwavering support have been constants in Katelyn's life. The white rose holds timeless elegance and understated beauty. Abby is treasured among all of her friends & family for the depth of her character. From high school tennis practice to working at the Rocking R Bar in college, Abby and Kate have always been walking side-by-side. Abby is a bride-to-be herself! Can't wait to celebrate love two weekends in a row!!!

Jake Goldberg


Jake and Jonah have been close friends since high school, and met playing on the 660 worship team at Faith Chapel (660 is where the Bride & Groom met, too!). Over the years, they've logged many hours skiing, playing music, and having a grand ol' time throughout every season of life. Jake is kind, compassionate, and genuine. He's also the most talented musician, husband, & father. Since growing up without brothers, Jonah has always counted himself lucky to have Jake and Gus (Groomsmen) become the brothers he never had.

Tory Nero


Katelyn adores Tory & holds her in the highest regard. From the moment their paths crossed, Katelyn was drawn to Tory's essence, warmth, and spirit. As Katelyn's big sister in their sorority, Tory's boundless heart, overflowing with care and compassion for every aspect of life, has been a constant source of inspiration. Despite her active involvement in both the sorority and campus life, Tory effortlessly balanced responsibility with living fully, earning Katelyn's admiration. Through every trial and triumph, Tory has been Katelyn's unwavering support, offering solace in moments of turmoil and cheering her on in times of triumph. Tory's selflessness knows no bounds, always prioritizing others' joy above her own. To Katelyn, Tory is pure magic, and she is profoundly grateful to have her by her side. Tory's ability to hold Katelyn accountable reflects the depth of their friendship and mentorship, with Tory consistently encouraging her to reach her full potential. For all these reasons & more, Tory holds a special place in the wedding bouquet as the wine carnation, the official flower of Pi Beta Phi, symbolizing the impact the sorority has had on their lives.

Nick Knight


Nick Knight, hailing from Ellendale, ND is one amazing fella. There's no one more understanding, funny, humble, and patient than Nick. Jonah became friends with Nick through a small group that started in 2018. The two have developed a close and lasting friendship ever since. Nick's presence is more than just laughter and light; it's a beacon of reliability and genuine friendship. His wisdom, delivered with a touch of wit, consistently guides those around him toward greater understanding and perspective. If you're looking for a friend to tear it up on the pickleball court with, un-ironically watch the newest season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, or just have an all-around good time with, Nick is the guy.

Abigail Moffitt


Abigail exemplifies resilience & enduring love, making her the perfect choice to represent succulents in Katelyn's wedding bouquet. Throughout life's unpredictable twists & turns, Abigail has remained a steadfast friend, providing unwavering support through every season of growth and change. Their friendship, much like succulents in challenging environments, withstands the test of time & distance. Abigail & Katelyn have a multitude of shared interests, from Ed Sheeran's tour schedule to their shared experiences as dog moms with Golden Retrievers, cementing their sincere friendship.

Jonah Oberg


Introducing Jonah Oberg, the groom's brother-in-law, and a true embodiment of stability and understanding. Jonah is married to the Groom's little sister Molly (Bridesmaid). Jonah's presence in the groom's life is not just familial but foundational. With a calming demeanor and an innate ability to see through life's complexities, Jonah serves as an anchor amidst the whirlwind that life can offer. He offers unique understanding and support. Beyond his role as brother-in-law & friend, Jonah &Jonah share not only a first name - but a passion for the game of golf. He and the groom have shared countless rounds of camaraderie and competition, forging a bond that extends far beyond the 18th hole. In Jonah, the groom finds not only a brother-in-law but a confidant, a friend, and a fellow golfer whose presence enriches every aspect of his life.

Katie Bent


Katie & Katelyn were a little unsure of the other upon their first introductions at Pi Phi. Kate was known as a "goodie-good" and Katie wanted to break her out of that shell. Today, the two have overcome huge mountains together through all the different highs and lows of life. From picking each other up off the floor, be it from drunken laugher or tears of heartbreak, to supporting each other's biggest goals. Katie & Katelyn share a bond of fierce loyalty and protection over each other. They built that through years of growth and hardships. From boys, two-faced girls, or even at times themselves, they are truly in it for the long haul. Longevity of two loyal friends who worked hard to build their foundation. That is why Katie represents the sunflower in the wedding bouquet.

Elliot Mackin


Elliot is one of Jonah's oldest friends, and they met on the first day of middle school at Will James. They quickly met again later that day in orchestra class, and the shared love of the violin became a binding commonality through the years. From New York to LA on music trips, to the thrill of traveling the continent chasing bagpipes and kilts at Highland Games festivals, Elliot and Jonah have shared some epic adventures. Whether immersed in edifying discussion, cracking jokes, or donning their tartans, Elliot and Jonah have shared a lot of life together, and he has an obvious place next to us at the altar. Elliot is well read, well spoken, and well dressed. A wicked combination if you ask us! (Elliot also resides in the city of brotherly love, an aptly nick-named city to house such a dear friend. Its also the only city with sports teams that Kate and Jonah will agree to cheer for together.)

Kayti Korte


Kayti & Katelyn are the type of girls that grew up hearing they were "too much" or "too loud". The firecracker that is Kayti Korte explains exactly why she is so important to Katelyn. Kayti & Katelyn met when they were dating the wrong boys, but thankfully it brought them together & one step closer to their dream men. Kayti is the definition of capable & strong. She is magnetic and has an infectious energy. She inspires individuality while still needing warriors on your team. She has an amazing balance in life, even when we're "too much". A traditional bouquet has a mixture of the main flowers and typically some secondary flowers and/or fillers. "Filler" being the small greenery or some baby’s breath. This wedding will have baby's breath, but more importantly, it will have Kayti Korte. We're talking pearls, fringe, & feathers! The special and unique things. The ah-ha moment. Like filler in a bouquet, Kayti completes the moments & memories in Kate's life. This bride will fan-girl over Kayti, forever. Watch Kayti and her husband, Ben (Beer Man), perform the first dance song at the reception! Did I mention they're a band? @desperateelectric

Kaleb Barkac


Kaleb and Jonah met in high school, and spent the formative years of their friendship playing music, hanging out, and creating ridiculous announcement videos (that probably never should have been shown to anyone). Due to these shared experiences & later on embarrassment, have remained close friends. Kaleb's infectious humor and unwavering enthusiasm make every moment better with him around. Always ready for anything, and never one to turn down a good time, he infuses every gathering with an undeniable energy that uplifts those around him. In Kaleb, Jonah finds not just a friend, but a kindred spirit in a fellow runner, and one of his few friends to understand the “go one more” mentality that it takes to tackle the challenge of racing in a marathon. As a groomsman, Kaleb stands as a testament to the enduring power of friendship, and a homie for life.

Andrea Bowers


Andrea, or better yet Dooder, was Katelyn's very first friend in Montana. Even though the girls have outgrown their days of playing with barbies, they have always been friends supporting and encouraging from afar. Annie is a friend to everyone she meets. She is the definition of resilience and beauty. That is why Andrea is the red rose in Katelyn's wedding bouquet. To symbolize that true and deep love. The epitome of love. From childhood dress-up games to the magical moments of getting ready on the wedding day, Annie will stand by Katelyn's side, bringing that childhood fairytale to life.

Marcus Barkac


Marcus and Jonah had known each other for years, hung out in similar groups, and may have even considered each other friends. But what truly bonded them together, solidifying the lasting nature of their close friendship was a road trip together to see Kanye West on his Saint Pablo tour in Seattle. Having never spent time one-on-one together before this, the trip quickly went from a potentially awkward endeavor to an experience that Jonah considers one of his favorite memories. Marcus is a loyal friend, with an admirable self-assurance to unashamedly be himself in every situation, and has one of the biggest hearts, free of assumptions. Marcus is the kind of friend that will show up for you no matter the circumstance to offers his friendship and support without any judgment or expectations. Marcus, you know what you's is. And we promise we mean that in a nice way.


Best Dog

Jonah's best friend and companion.


Puppy of Honor

Copper's literal younger sister. Katelyn's first dog of her own.

Kelly Pearson

Dog Coordinator & Treat Professional

Fellow dog-lover & D&D adventurer. Copper and Pinot adore Kelly.

Simon Stadtmiller & Ben Morris

Beer Men

The ones we are all waiting for... the beer men!!! They are sort of like a Flower Girl, but with booze! We know you are going to love these two.

Trevor Krueger


Katelyn's oldest cousin & father to the Flower Girl.

Cody Frichtl


Jonah's cousin & brother to Chad.

Chad Frichtl


Jonah's cousin & brother to Cody.

Carson Hochhalter


Officiant's son & Bridesmaid Kara's husband.