Jonah & Katelyn

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Let's get married!

Jonah Frichtl


Katelyn Gaffri

June 8, 2024

Billings, MT
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Our Story

nothing more, nothing less

We're Jonah & Katelyn, and we're getting married. We met in high school, with a relationship that was maintained as "just friends," much to Jonah's disappointment - he'd always had a certain affection for Kate... Years went on, and we both ended up in Billings. Jonah found out Kate was working at the Divide at the time, and found as many reasons as he could to swing by and have a drink, all in the hopes that he might catch the attention of the pretty blonde girl he once thought was way out of his league. (Jonah insists this wasn't stalking...) After a series of messages discussing the intricacies and details of a certain iconic mid-century masterpiece, plans for our first date were made. Since that night, our relationship quickly went from "nothing more, nothing less," to "dating," and eventually "engaged." We love our dogs, Copper & Pinot, playing cards, eating pasta, traveling together, and a good ol' date night at Costco. We are beyond excited for the next chapter of our story, and can't wait to celebrate the beginning of that chapter with all of you!

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