Diana & Michael


Diana Higuera


Michael Johnson

September 28, 2024

Arroyo Grande, CA
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how we met

In Diana's words: We met in January 2020, just before the world went into chaos. Diana initiated a conversation with Michael on Hinge, intrigued by his photo on Potato Chip Rock, where Michael coincidentally was also eating potato chips. Michael ignored Diana initially (how dare he) but he later recognized what he'd overlooked. Their first date was at a casual bar in Culver City, followed by Diana bullying Michael into making the first move. Seven months later, they moved in together and at nine months, they welcomed Ranger into their lives. While some might argue we rushed, our journey has led to this special moment. In Michael's words: It had been about 5 months since I moved from La Crescenta to West LA. I initially tried online dating, but took a recent break to refocus on life. After a month, I re-downloaded Hinge and there I saw Diana, reaching out how clever it was to eat potato chips on Potato Chip rock. I loved how down-to-earth she looked and fell in love with a picture of her looking all pretty in the snow (I'd later find out she hates the cold). We exchanged messages back-and-forth for about a week. It was a Friday night on January 31, 2020. I was frustrated I couldn't catch the Laker game on TV that night, and we agreed to grab a drink at The Corner Door in Mar Vista. Our conversations were instant, and felt very natural. It was so easy to talk to her and we had a lot in common like growing up in the suburbs of LA, enjoy running, and live music. Afterwards, we agreed to keep the night going by hopping to another bar next door. I noticed they had the Laker game on, and Diana agreed to go inside so I could see the game. From that point on I knew she was the one.

how we got engaged

January 27, 2024, just a few days short of our 4 year anniversary, we were invited to a 'friends weekend getaway' to Big Bear Lake. Diana was unaware it was all a setup. We arrived late at night, and Diana soon discovered that there were no friends in the Airbnb. It was just us, as the others had their own place for the weekend. Michael meticulously planned every aspect, even scouting the ideal proposal spot by driving a full lap around the lake early the next morning, despite extensively using Google Street View beforehand. Too excited to sleep in, he woke up early and told her he'd go out to get breakfast while she slept in (her favorite thing to do). Knowing Diana preferred a private proposal, he found a secluded spot by the lake. Later, he returned with breakfast that they enjoyed out on the deck overlooking the view on a perfectly sunny day. After getting ready for the day, we were in route to "meet friends" for lunch. Michael suggested stopping to take a photo, which was typical of him for scenic views. Oblivious, Diana went along. At the scenic spot, Michael propped up his camera on a tripod to capture what Diana thought was a photo, was actually a video recording. There, after telling her how much he loved her, he got down on one knee and popped the question.

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