Jessica & Willie

    The Wedding

Our “Best Part” begins!!!

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November 18, 2023

Fosters, AL

How We Met!!!

First comes IG, then comes Marriage!!!

2005-2012 We walked the campus of Thee Jackson State University from 2005-2012 never speaking a word to each other. From Willie's perspective, he first saw Jessica in an undergraduate course. From Jessica's perspective, she first saw Willie at a mutual friend's birthday dinner. BUT sill they never spoke! April 27, 2012 Jessica and Willie both received their Master of Public Health approximately 7 chairs away from each other.... But still they never spoke! July 10, 2017 Willie wished Jessica "Happy Birthday Eve!" via social media (IG). July 11, 2017 Willie wished Jessica "Happy Birthday!" via social media (IG). July 25, 2017 Jessica wished Willie "Happy Birthday!" via social media (IG). July 28, 2017 Willie introduced himself via IG Direct Messenger W- " So I'm no dm type of guy but I wanted to introduce myself. Willie is my name." J- " Well, I'm not a dm type of woman... Hi Willie!! I'm Jessica." W- "Lol! Good, we are both old fashion. So, my number is #. I'd like to have yours so I can call you, if that's not a problem. If so, I understand." July 30, 2017 J- sends her number to Willie. They spoke everyday since! September 9, 2017 Jessica and Willie go on their first date in Memphis, TN! While eating dinner, Willie tells Jessica he is going to marry her one day! November 18, 2017 Jessica and Willie officially start dating. July 08, 2022 On what would have been Jessica's Grandparents 68th wedding anniversary, in front of Family and our closest Friends, Willie says "Come on to Big Daddy, Baby!", got on one knee, and asked Jessica for her hand in marriage.... She cried and happily said "YES!" November 18, 2023 Exactly 6 years after they made their relationship official, together with Family and Friends Jessica and Willie will unite as one. There begins their "Best Part"!

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