Jessica & Allen


Allen Weaver


Jessica Epps

June 8, 2024

Bellevue, NE
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How We Met

Band Class 2012

We first met each other on the first day of Jr. High in band class. Both of us played the alto saxophone, so we ended up sitting next to each other everyday. Throughout Jr. High we got to slowly learn about one another as we talked between playing during class. We ended up joining jazz band at the same time that gave us the opportunity to interact outside of class time. We did not think much of our brief interactions as we made our way to High School.

How We Became Friends

Early High School 2015

Once we started High School not much seemed to change about our interactions. We still sat near each other during band class, but did not interact much outside of that. Both of us joined Marching Band Freshman year, but I was in the Color Guard while Allen continued playing the saxophone. It wasn't until Sophomore year when I decided to join Pep Band that we began to interact more outside of class. Our main friend group began to merge together and we started talking outside of school related activities. Friend group outings and texts within the group chat allowed us to become closer friends as we learned of all the similarities we had outside of band. We soon started texting each other individually and developing crushes on each other.

How We Started Dating

March 10, 2016

Once we realized that we had crushes on each other, we began to act shy in person but continued texting both in and outside of school. One day on our way to band class Allen asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes. We had our first date at the Henry Doorly Zoo and later our first kiss in the band hallway after school. As we continued dating throughout the rest of High School we developed a strong relationship as both friends and a couple.

How We Promised Each Other

High School Graduation 2018

As High School graduation came closer, we feared of a long distance relationship. While we both were going to the University of Nebraska, I was at Omaha while Allen was at Lincoln. On the night of High School graduation we exchanged promise rings etched with the sound waves of us simultaneously saying "promise me". These rings were given to represent the commitment to our relationship even with the major change that would be happening as we start college. From going to seeing each other every day to once a week was a big change for us, and came with many hardships. However, we are proud that our relationship never broke throughout the entirety of our college careers. When college graduation came, a new chapter in our relationship came as well.

How He Proposed

July 9, 2022

Within weeks after our college graduation we moved into our first apartment together. Although it wasn't the easiest transition for our relationship, we grew even stronger as we learned how each other managed a home. With both of use working a lot during the summer, we decided to plan a big date one weekend that got us out of the house. On that Saturday morning we went to the Haymarket market in Lincoln to look at all of the vendors. After the market closed we found a nearby sushi restaurant that just opened for the day so we had the whole place to ourselves. After lunch we decided to head back to the apartment and pack up the picnic that we planned to have for dinner. Once packed and ready we headed over to our favorite walking trail to find a shaded spot to have our meal. After finding a secluded place to sit we unpacked our picnic and poured ourselves a glass of wine. As we snacked on some fruits, meats, and cheeses we talked about anything and everything. When Allen got up to pour another glass of wine, he turned around and asked me to marry him with a gorgeous ring we picked out together months before. Of course I said yes!! Now we can't wait to share this upcoming moment surrounded by all of our loved ones as we start our next chapter in life.