John Vanderheuvel


Jeffery Richardson


May 18, 2024

Holland, MI

Till Fart Do Us Part

Count your Blessings - Even When They are Unexpected

We met in August of 2020, our first date was at a Mexican restaurant and lasted 3 hours. There was instant conversational chemistry from the start! Despite the challenges of COVID at the start of our relationship, we found ways to spend lots of quality time together after this. A month after meeting, we took a trip to the Indiana Dunes for Labor Day weekend. Traveling a few hours away with some friends was a good test of our ability to travel together. After getting to the beach, we settled into our chosen spot. Shortly after we settled in, a seagull decided to "bless" Jeff and pooped right on his head! Jeff handled it like a champ, and with a smile on his face, went to wash off in the lake. Later on in the day, Jeff was "blessed" AGAIN. At this point, it had to be a sign. We joke to this day about how that good luck moment was the start of something beautiful. It reminds us every day to count our blessings, and that no matter what challenges life throws at us, we will be smiling through it together.

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