October 10, 2021
Castro Valley, CA

Jazze & Ken


“I love you.” “I know.”

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Kenneth Samuel Akehurst III


Jazze Nicole Costa


Castro Valley


October 10


How they met

July 2018

It was your typical Friday night at Castro Village bowl, when Jazze came in to visit her mom. She spotted a new employee behind the desk, and she of course whispered and motioned to her mom “introduce me!” And it was then that Sandy, Jazze’s mom, introduced her to Ken. In the words of Sandy, “I knew right then something was going to happen.” They met, and neither of them could possibly imagine what would happen next. It wasn't until April of 2019 that Ken finally asked her to be his girlfriend; From A's games, day trips to Don Pedro, countless late-night drives, and copious amounts of coffee mixed with mutual respect, kindness and care, they easily fell in love with one another.

Kens super, special big day

He liked it, so he put a ring on it- July 18th, 2020

Ken proposed to Jazze July 18th, 2020 on one of the docs on Lake Tulloch, but this story starts in February of that same year. Jazze actually picked out her ring- that February, Jazze was given permission to look at some of Ken's grandmothers jewelry, and was immediately drawn to a beautiful purple stoned ring set in a gold band. Not only was Jazze so drawn to the ring because of it's simplicity and color, (Jazze adores the color purple), but it also looked similar to rings she had posted on one of her Pinterest boards when she would dream about getting engaged. Even at this time, after almost a year of dating, Ken and Jazze both knew it wasn't a question of "If" but "When"; so Jazze gave the ring to Ken, telling him that when he was ready this was the ring to use. Fast forward to May- the ring sat in a little black ring box in Ken's drawers. The two had a trip planned for September to go to Hawaii, which Ken had decided he would finally do the dang thing- but because of COVID, the Hawaii trip was cancelled. So Ken needed a new plan, and decided that he would propose at Lake Tulloch, while him and Jazze were camping with friends. He not only came back on Friday the 17th to get Jazze to come up for the weekend, but also made a stop at her moms house first to not only ask for permission to marry Jazze, but also get her to come along for the trip so she could see her daughter get engaged. So on the 18th, after a day of swimming, and Jazze getting a nice, crisp sunburn, the pair along with all their friends headed to get dinner at the snack bar overlooking the doc. The sun began to set and Ken suggested they go down real quick before they ate. They went down, but Ken had to run back up to grab the ring from Jazze's mom- at that point everyone knew what was happening. They walked to the end of the doc, their good friend Mick filming sneakily behind them- and after a few minutes, Ken dropped to his knee and asked her to marry him. Everyone cheered. Jazze cried.

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