Elizabeth & Joshua


Joshua Janes


Elizabeth Petersen

October 7, 2023

Highlands Ranch, CO
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Our First Date

September 01, 2017

Our first date was controversial for years over whether or not it was truly a "date"... At the end of August, Lizzie and I attended a church pancake party. As if cornhole and mountain dew wasn't enough action for the night, we wandered back to the Drake dorms to watch La La Land. This was Lizzie's first time seeing the film, and she questioned why people don't get dressed up to go to the theater these days. So, naturally, I asked Lizzie a week later if she wanted to get gussied up and go see a movie, to which she emphatically agreed! Waiting in a dress and heels, she was convinced this was going to be the greatest platonic relationship she would ever have. While she was telling her friends about her plans prior to the "date", they all pointed out that it was in fact REAL - everyone knew it but her! We walked to the Varsity theater to see "I Do Until Don't" which is objectively the worst movie ever made! Fortunately, neither of us paid much attention to the film because we talked the whole way through it (we were the only ones in the theater). After the movie we walked back to the dorms in the cool night air and watched High School Musical, during which Lizzie danced and ate cheerios at every opportunity. The rest as they say... is history.