Jacqueline & Jonathan

    Jacqueline “Max” and Jonathan

From MySpace to Our Space






“Max” Harris


September 10, 2023

Tampa, FL

How It All Began

Summer 2006

It all started with a friend request. Max saw a handsome man, chillin, listening to music, with his eyes closed. Jon saw a chick who gave off quirky, rocker vibes and a spirited personality. The two became instant friends, bonding over music, video games, and TV shows. (Remember Heroes and Lost when they were good? 🤣) MySpace messages led to AOL instant messaging. (🤣) AIM led to hours long phone calls… But they never ended up meeting in person. Schedules weren’t synchronized and the stars never aligned, but ultimately it simply wasn’t time for them to meet yet. Life happened: Max moved to Florida to party while Jon was juggling a busy work schedule and school. They maintained their friendship through AIM and phone calls for years until they gradually lost contact over time. In 2018 a crazy thing happened when they both were talked into trying dating apps. Neither was really looking for anything serious, nor had any expectations. (Have you SEEN what’s out there?!! Yikes!!) One day, Jon stumbled across “Jacqueline” and in reviewing the profile, realized it was his old friend Max! Trying to get her attention, he swiped right on her profile because you can’t message unless you match and he simply wanted to connect with his old friend. (But his old friend was kinda cute though! 😉) Max had a day off and decided to randomly open the app. She saw Jon’s profile, and just like the first time, she liked what she saw. His profile was concise and grammatically correct, so she too swiped right. It was a match 🎉 Within a few hours, Jon reached out to Max, "whattup, old friend??🤣🤣", and was in the middle of typing "[damn] this app, you’ve had my number before, (314..", when Jon immediately received a text to his actual phone number, “OMG JON??" Somehow, Max STILL had his number after all that time, and about 20 phones later! It was magic-two friends that had never met before crossed paths again after so many years! The two picked right up where they left off, texting about where life had taken them, where they currently were in life, what video games were being played, and what’s on each other’s playlists. The difference this time around: they DID finally meet in person! Enjoying the natural vibe of their past connection, Max and Jon would spend the next several months rekindling their friendship through calls, texts and occasional meetups. But there was no denying their chemistry; the two would soon become a couple and have been inseparable ever since.

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