Jack & Cassie

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February 29, 2024

Derby, UK


Almost time to say I do...!

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How We Met

Cassie's Perspective

In deepest darkest COVID-19, my mother said to me "All the good men will be on the dating scene now as only people looking for something serious will be bothering" (and also, you aren't getting any younger, thanks mum). Of course she was wrong (all the trash was definitely still out there) but I somehow managed to snag an absolute gem who had me at "So what are you actually looking for then, because I want kids by thirty before my knees go and I can't play sport with them growing up" - well done mum you were right (on one count) after all.

How We Met

Jack's Perspective

As a man living on his own in the first lockdown I did the most logical thing to give me companionship...I got a cat. Unfortunately that didn't quite scratch the itch, so back onto Bumble I went and found a lovely girl named Alex. After a week of talking non-stop and us agreeing to go on a date she dropped the bombshell that she's actually Cassie. Weird, but I thought what the hell. After a two hour walk turned into five, we could tell there was something there and within three months another bombshell came: That her sister needed a place to live and maybe they could both move in... Of course I said yes. So after entering the pandemic just on my own, I left with a fiancé, 2 cats, and an adopted Ellie & Cal. Fast forward 3 & 1/2 years, I still don't really know what Cass does for a job, so maybe Alex was a code name and I'm marrying a spy.

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