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We will be updating with more information soon!

Jacqueline & Alexander


Jacqueline Till


Alexander Young

May 6, 2023

West Chester, PA
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The Meeting

2014 | State College

Jacqueline arrived at a Penn State house party and made her way to the crowd surrounding the keg - everyone waiting their turn. She heard someone offer to fill up her cup, then watched the beer flow from the tap… her eyes gazing from the pourer’s hand, to his broken arm's cast, to his eyes. With full beers and a conversation starter, Jac and Alex spent the rest of the party together.

The Proposal

2022 | New York City

Alex watched Jacqueline personify tornados, knowing perfectly well he was moments from proposing, as she reorganized the spice cabinet with a few minutes to spare before brunch. Waiting for the second half of the double date, Jacqueline’s oldest sister Lindsay and her husband Neil, to arrive at the Carl Schulz Park, Alex proposed to a totally stunned Jacqueline. Lindsay and Neil revealed themselves as an incognito videographer and photographer - capturing the surprise. Jac and Alex spent the entire day on the Upper East Side calling family members, reading eight years worth of love letters, and celebrating at an unforgettable party at Doug Weitner and Luke Spear's apartment - lovingly decorated by Molly Young, Michelle DeMaio, Grace Kemmler, Kaitlyn Mayberry - and attended by their favorite people. The following weekend, the celebrations continued with an engagement party in Wayne with their families.

The Wedding

2023 | West Chester, Pennsylvania

It's hard to believe this day will come and go — with the same amount of hours as any other — but with unparalleled significance. We feel so fortunate to begin our marriage surrounded by loved ones. You are the people that make this happy life of ours - we are ecstatic to spend this joyful day with you.

The Honeymoon

2023 | Benguerra Island, Mozembique and Kruger National Park, South Africa

Did you notice the elephant stamp on your save the dates? Jac and Alex are exchanging views of skyscrapers and rats for beaches and giraffes. We're splitting our time in bliss between an island and safari. Lucky us!