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    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Here is where you will find our family and friends that will take part of our special day. Each of these people we carry near and dear to our hearts. We will be uploading more and more of the wedding party so check back soon!

Michelle Cottman-Johnson

Matron of Honor

Words cannot describe the relationship between the bride and her Matron of honor. Best friends for over 33 years! Cousins by blood! They were in elementary, middle, and high school together. They shared pregnancies, they have shared life's lows and life's highs by one another's side! One could even say that they are now each other's favorite couple to vacation or go on date nights with. To describe them would simply say their friendship is a blessing! Not to mention growing up the Matron of Honor was someone the bride admired and had/has such great respect for! God knew that day on the school bus who to sit in that seat! They have been riding together ever since! Feel free to introduce yourself at the wedding!

Eldora Mann

Maid of Honor

Sugar and Spice! That's the best description for the bride to be and her Maid of Honor! Well, if you want raw honesty with a little bit of humor then sit in on one of their conversations! The greatest part of this friendship is the growth of the pair! Accountability partners, the two are always eager to remind each other of their goals and hold one another to it! Not to mention the Maid of Honor will call every day, text, and send 1000 TikTok's all day to keep your day pushing through. The maid of honor is talented, loving, and goes hard for who she goes hard for, and the bride is lucky to be one of those people! The pair has even gotten their worship time in together over the years and anyone that knows the bride knows she loves to worship and give honor to God! Feel free to introduce yourself at the wedding!

Myshonia "Shoney" Camphor


Words cannot explain the connection the bride and her best friend has. 33 years later and distance tried to separate the pair, but one thing never changed and that's the respect, love, and loyalty of the pair. If one calls and needs the other, they will be right there! No questions asked! From 3rd grade until now the two (three rather) have traveled throughout childhood and adulthood together! They have experienced losses and wins together and have their boots laced to step whenever necessary. A true sisterhood! Shoney is the fun sister, the one that laughs loud and hard, but loves just as hard! Feel free to introduce yourself at the wedding!

Krystal Lonergan


The perfect management team consisted of these two! The dynamic duo! Salt and pepper! This work friendship quickly turned into a real friendship! The two laughed together, cried together, had ratchet moments together, motivated each other, and supported one another. Over a short period of time of three years their connection was strong and solid! Krystal was just the perfect blend to be added in the bride's life! The bride was honored to stand with Krystal as she said I do and she is excited to now have Krystal apart of her, "I do crew"! Make sure you say, “hi” to Krystal at the reception.

Kelly Halliday


When God introduced these two, he knew exactly what he was doing 6 years ago when he allowed a speaking event to be the start of a sisterhood. One would have never imagined the spiritual need and prayer for a sister friend who could cover the bride in prayer, cover her organization in prayer, and just be the person that helped her soul stay fed! Kelly was and is sent by God to the bride! These two balanced one another! The bride pushed Kelly to pull gifts, talents, and power down on the inside of her and Kelly motivated the bride to pray more, read her devotionals more, and seek God in all things! This friendship wasn't just a friendship and sisterhood, but it was good for the soul! Feel free to introduce yourself at the wedding!

Brittany Foreman


The bubbly one! This unique friendship started over a decade ago! The pair worked together at AGH, and the bond grew from there. The bride took Brittany in as a "work daughter". She taught her things Brittany was missing. She allowed Brittany to be herself and realized she was enough just how she was. The greatest memories the two have shared would have to be Brittany's infamous 21st birthday (the one where she almost caught the bride's microwave on fire lol) and the birth of Brittany's one and only daughter! Rather near or far their bond never broke! Rather they talked every day or every few months they always picked up where they left off. "The baby" of the bunch will be sure to be a bright and smiling face you can count on. She has been God sent during the wedding planning! She keeps the bride on task! Literally, the bride’s walking memory and accountability partner! Feel free to introduce yourself at the wedding!

Dazhelle Morgan


Words cannot describe the relationship of this bride and her bonus daughter. Being a biological mother of five sons, it was a true blessing when Dazhelle entered the bride's life. Not only did the bride have the pleasure of helping raise her since the age of 8, love her, and mentor her the two have maintained that relationship and closeness until this day. Now the bride will say Dazhelle is hardheaded, but one thing about her she is a fun, loving, and great person to be around. Her wisdom at such a young age is one of the things the bride loves the most about her. Not to mention the growth she has done and will continue to do in life. Dazhelle brings much laughter so make sure you say hello! Give her a smile or greeting at the reception.

Raquel Weeks

Best Woman

Words can’t explain the bond these two have. Bonus sisters to say the least! These two are always there for one another! God definitely aligned them for a reason.

LaToya Maddox "The Bride"

Wedding Planner

Well, what can I say? The bride is a jack of all trades, and the wedding planning is being done by her. Calm down, there will be two day-of-coordinators for the month of the wedding. She got this! (She is me, lol) I have had experience and trial & error of planning my best friend's wedding. I have also had several successful events that I planned and organize solely. I wanted to really be a part of my dream wedding and decided what better way than to use my organization and event planning skills for my big day! I look forward to the great day of coordinator jumping in and finishing the vision, but I am up to the challenge until then.

Gilda Lemore

Mother of the Groom

Charles' loving mother also known as "Dee Dee" can't wait to celebrate with her son, daughter in love, and all of you. So, when you see mom at the wedding congratulate her and help her celebrate this beautiful union. She will probably be dancing or rocking in her chair to the jams and enjoying the family and friends surrounding her.

Barbara Hayward

Mother of the Bride

LaToya's loving mother also known as "mom Barbara or Sister BJ" can't wait to celebrate with her daughter, son in love, and all of you. So, when you see mom at the wedding congratulate her and help her celebrate this beautiful union. She will probably be dancing all night long and enjoying family and friends. If you see her and the groom fighting don't be alarmed, they do this every day lol.

Gene Hayward

Father of the Bride

The father of the bride! The man that taught the bride how a woman should be treated. It is because of him she believes in being spoiled and getting your wife every and anything she wants, or you think she wants lol... Not to mention he spoils his daughter! The father of the bride is always there for important milestones and can't wait to walk his daughter down the aisle on her special day. He has waited years to give his daughter away to the right man and he now has given his blessing to a man he trusts with his daughter's heart and wellbeing.

Charles Deal Sr

Father of the Groom

The Father of the Groom. The reason there is a junior! Charles Senior would like to thank everyone for celebrating his eldest son on his big day. If you see Charles Deal Sr around the wedding, be sure to greet him and congratulate him on gaining a great new daughter.

Ronald Seldon

Best Man

Curtis Byrd


Michael Wyche


Maron Brown


Ransom Chandler


Daniel Deshields


Sean Seldon


Other Members


There will be other wedding party members that we have not listed yet. Please help celebrate them on our special day.

Dale Johnson


For all the days along the way
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