LaToya & Charles


LaToya Maddox


Charles Deal


September 23, 2023

Claymont, De

How we met

The random picture! The set up.

Our love story began with a picture and a conversation that the bride was not a part of. A mutual friend had decided that both the bride and groom were going through life situations and needed a new hobby to say the least LOL. By hobby I mean someone to talk to and hang out with to keep them moving forward in their lives. The mutual friend had no idea that the picture and passing of a telephone number would develop into a God ordained relationship, but it did. The couple exchanged a few texts and drifted apart briefly in 2017; however, in 2018 the pair were reconnected and this time that connection could not be broken. The couple began to pray together, cry together, stress together, live together, and most of all build together. The funny thing is the bride knew from the first several conversations in 2017 that he was the one. He made her feel a wholeness like never before and his compassion would capture her heart even more. As the relationship grew not only did, they pray over all the meals they ate (that added lots of happy weight to them both. LOL), but she prayed over him nightly, she anointed his work shoes, and she spoke life to him while he slept! This relationship was different! It felt different! Later her feelings were confirmed by members in ministry and that's when she knew she had to keep their relationship covered in prayer and God's approval! The groom will tell you that the mutual friend didn't think the bride to be, was his type due to her spiritual lifestyle; however, that's what he loved most about her. She made him believe again and his faith grew. The rest is history from traveling, family gatherings, laughter, and building legacies these two have made a lifetime DEAL to be a sealed deal forever!

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