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August 17, 2025

Omaha, NE
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How We Met

Seth and I lived just 5 minutes apart growing up yet we didn't actually meet until high school... half an hour from where we live haha. We had the same pre-calc class in which he was the sweet quiet guy and I was the chatter box who was always distracting but apparently every chatterbox needs someone to listen... Well it wasn't that easy although we were friends it wasn't until after covid we both had free time open up and started hanging out and falling for each other. Eventually he asked me out but then he left for months for military training, where we actually grew a strong unique bond from the beginning writing letter like the 1950s and the rest is history :)

Why is the Wedding in Mexico? (FAQ three lines top right)

We love America don't get us wrong but our wedding is one of the most important days of our lives and we want our loved ones to have the opportunity to join us on that day. Many of Isabel's loved ones live in Mexico and in order to come to the US if we had the wedding here is a visa which is more expensive than the travel itself plus takes years to process and isn't guaranteed + we love Mexico :)

Seth’s favorite memory of us (so far)

Getting to go to mass in the pantheon in Rome with Isabel and her parents this summer is probably the number one memory in my life so far not even of just us!

Isabel’s favorite memory of us (so far)

When we were in Sweden we went paddle boarding and in just a couple hours Seth fell off about 15 times (essentially every time a large boat would pass quickly) and the cherry on top there was row teams out practicing shocked ever 30 seconds when he’d fall again and again - I felt bad at first but I could not stop laughing and just when I would ‘plop’ haha


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Como nos conociamos

Seth y yo vivíamos solo 5 minutos aparte pero no nos conocíamos hasta la prepa... media hora de donde vivimos jaja. Teníamos la misma clase de calculus donde el era el hombre lindo que no hablaba mucho y yo la niña que siempre estaba hablando y distrayendo pero cada platicadora necesita alguien a escuchar... bueno no fue así de fácil aunque éramos amigos no fue hasta covid que los dos de repente teníamos mucho tiempo libre que empezamos a salir. Eventualmente Seth pidió a salir y el resto es historia!

Memoria favorita de Seth con Isabel (hasta ahora)

Cuando fuimos a Roma atendimos un misa en el pantheon con Isabel y sus padres este verano y no solo es un memoria favorita con Isabel pero en todo mi vida!

Memoria favorita de Isabel con Seth (Hasta Ahora)

Cuando estuvimos en Swecia fuimos a hacer paddle boarding y en menos de dos horas Seth se calló mas de quince veces (básicamente cada vez una lancha grande pasaba) y había profesionales y equipos de escuela en el lago también viéndonos como esos americanos no saben que están haciendo jaja al principio sentía mal pero no había nada que yo podia hacer para el menos solo reír y reír cada vez que escuchaba PLOP


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