Alyssa & Buddy

We are having a wedding!!


Buddy Hydrick


Alyssa Gressang

August 12, 2023

Moundville, AL
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How We Met

Beer - Because no good story starts with a salad!

It was a random Thursday night. Alyssa had decided to go to the bars downtown. It was pretty dead, not many people out. At Rhythm and Brews, Buddy was out with some of his friends. Buddy says he saw Alyssa sitting by the table by herself, and he asked her to dance. Now, if you ask Alyssa, she says she was giving Buddy the *flirty eyes.* Buddy asked her to dance and the rest was history.

The Days Following

We Were Inseparable

Ever since that night, we spent almost every day together. I just couldn't get enough of Buddy. He just felt like home to me. I felt so comfortable with him. A week or so later, Alyssa asked Buddy if he wanted to go to a wedding in Texas with her; you know, not thinking he would really go. But he did. On that 9 hour drive to Texas, Alyssa actually stayed awake the whole time; talking, laughing, and singing with Buddy. We had an amazing time in Texas, and I just knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. With that being said, he pretty much moved in with me and my 2 dogs, Abby and Aubrey. They were quick to warm up to him. And again, the rest is history.

Falling in Love

A few of our favorite moments

Eventually Buddy felt comfortable enough to bring Alyssa to meet his family; the first time was at the river. Alyssa had such a great time meeting everyone, especially the kids, even though she was very nervous. But after that day, if you wanted to know where Buddy AND Alyssa were, it was Buddy’s brothers house. Buddy and Alyssa have traveled to many states! Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina! We have gone to a rodeo, lost money at a casino, stayed in a little house, went camping, went down the Cahaba River, and much more!

The Proposal

Yes, I ugly cried.

It was Valentines Day 2023, Alyssa had just got back from work and was told to open her presents. I sat on the couch, in no fancy clothes or anything. My Valentines Day present was pretty heavy and overflowing. It started with candy and a Diet Coke (my new favorite). Then I opened the loveliest candle and candle holder (he knows I love candles). I was about to open the next present, but he told me to open the card. When I opened it, it read "Will You Marry Me? Yes or No?" I didn't think much of it, because we have always talked about getting married. And I laughed and simply said, "I don't have a pen." Then I opened the last present, a ring. The most beautiful ring I've ever seen. *water works start flowing* I was so shocked and happy and speechless. It was the best day ever. I'm so thankful Buddy chose to marry me.