Melanie & Nick

We’re getting married!!


Nick Stephenson


Melanie Harvey




September 9

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How we met

We were both living in Pittsburgh. One of my bridesmaids (Nichole) and her fiancé (Steven) were in my class in PT school. I worked with Nichole and Nick worked with Steven and they set us up! Steven gave Nick my number and the four of us hung out and watched an OSU football game together. Nick and I have been inseparable ever since ❤️



Nick jokes that he had my ring for over a month, waiting to be able to propose because I kept making plans every weekend! On October 7, I actually had plans with a friend of mine for dinner. Nick had to message her and ask to cancel on me last minute so he could propose. When she canceled our plans, I texted Nick to tell him. He said “I was going to take Moose on a walk at edgewater park, do you want to do that then get dinner?”. So, that’s what we did! Nick took us on a walk around the park and proposed at the Cleveland script sign. His family was hiding behind statues taking pictures. Then we went to Don’s Lighthouse for dinner. My family knew and threw us a surprise celebration brunch the following morning. ❤️