Grace & Kevin

A time to be together







June 3, 2023

Richmond, VA
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Hello friends and family! Together with their families Grace and Kevin cordially invite you to celebrate love, life and unity by witnessing their marriage vows! Join us on June 3rd, in Richmond, Virginia. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Our Story

Grace and Kevin met in passing one fateful day in the student union at James Madison University in October 2015. As Kevin recalls, he was playing pool with some friends wearing a long sleeve t-shirt from Chance the Rapper's "Family Matters" tour purchased the night before. When all of a sudden he felt a tap on his right shoulder from one Grace Carter. She struck up a quick conversation noting that she also saw Chance on tour a few days prior. They exchanged first names and smiles before carrying on with the day. Fast forward two weeks and Grace and Kevin both found themselves "accidentally" invited to lunch hosted by a mutual friend which marked the beginning of a wonderful friendship which would eventually blossom into an amazing relationship.


Our intention as we planned this wedding was to create space. Space to be together, space to be with the people we love, space to rest and retreat. We want to make time to celebrate the moment and truly be in it. Our hope is, as you come and gather together, you are able to find moments to connect with people you know and ones you do not. Our community and our tribe mean so much to us. We would love for you to be brave, strike up conversations, smile together, and laugh together. Thank you for your patience as we have rolled this all out. We hope it'll be the night and day of a lifetime. It means so much for us to get a chance to welcome you. Thank you for being a part of our tribe, thank you for your love. We are so looking forward to celebrating with you.