The Wedding of Gillian & Jake


Our Forever After All

Gillian Frosch


Jake LoGiudice


September 9, 2023

Beloit, WI

Her Side...

"If I don't marry this man..."

When we met that first time at the lake I was so tired of dating. I did not dress up. I did not do my makeup or hair. I wore a raggedy t-shirt, shorts, a worn out pair of flip flops and a rural king camo baseball cap. I pulled into my usual spot waiting for you to arrive. I was so sure that I was being catfished, there's no way this guy is for real. When you pulled up in the mini van I thought "what am I getting myself into". Then you were there and you were real. We stood at the lake and pretended to fish while we talked for hours. The sun had gone behind the trees and people were packing up for the day but we weren't ready to say goodbye, so I took you to Johnny K's and we ordered way too many hotdogs. We talked about anything and everything over the hood of my car. Even after the parking lot lights had come on I still didn't want you to leave. I felt free. I felt alive. You had found my missing piece and brought it back to me. We drove around for hours listening to your music and laughing. Meeting you changed everything my love. You opened up the world to me and changed my perspective. I remember telling Sam one night " if I don't marry this man...I will marry no one". I was right when I said that. I love you so much and words cannot describe the connection we have. I can't wait to marry you. "Long as I know its you and me time don't matter at all."

His Side

"I just met my future wife..."

I remember sitting in the van just waiting for this person I’ve only talked to online to show up - already drenched in sweat and super jittery from nerves alone. It didn't help that on a hot July day I was wearing a damn sweatshirt, but I digress... I remember after a week of talking for hours on end on video calls, and texting, that I was absolutely horrified to meet you in person because I was so afraid I was going to mess it up - and then there you were in your green Subaru pulling into the spot next to me, and my first thought was, "shit, I’m really in a damn minivan, and I have to get out and face this girl that I know has a thing for trucks..." Two minutes into our first conversation in person, I knew something was different. Many long deep conversations later, and after catching what would eventually be known as the bass that started “the fishing curse”, we got back into our cars to head to Johny K’s to grab a bite to eat and the 1st thing I did was call up one of my friends, and proclaim, "I just met my future wife...". To which I received the response, “you’re out of your god damn mind”. But I knew from the second I started talking to you that this was different, and I knew that the second I laid eyes on you that you were going to be a thorn in the side of being single forever. I knew the second that I met you that you were my other half - My soul mate. But you are so much more than just a soul mate. You are my personal comedian, always making me laugh when I’m too serious for my own good. You are more than just my rock, you are my mountain, holding me up and showing me the beauty in this life from 14,000ft when I can’t bare to pick myself up off the ground. From Alabama to California, Tennessee to Maine, we have been all over the country together, adding thousands and thousands of miles to our travel logs. We spent countless hours exploring, from Yosemite to Acadia, Great Smoky Mountains to Sequioa National Park... But all it took was 2 minutes, and about 20 steps from the van to your car to know that I was going to love you more than I ever thought I was capable of. "Even if I knew, the day we met, you'd be the reason this heart breaks... Oh, I'd love you anyway"


RSVP's have officially closed as of August 4th, and we are no longer accepting RSVP's through our website. If you have already RSVP'd, and need to make changes to your plans, please contact us directly. If you are planning on coming to the wedding but were not able to RSVP before August 4th, please reach out to us directly. We can't wait to celebrate with everyone!

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