Alexandra & Gerald


Welcome to the wedding of

Watercolor Highlight

Alexandra Hutko


Gerald Belanger


July 12, 2024

St. Joseph, Michigan
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Our Story

Our story begins in 7th grade, within the bustling halls of West Middle School. Little did we know that our innocent crush and the moment we shared as each other's first kiss—on New Year's, no less—would transform into the fateful encounter that marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. However, as life often goes, our paths diverged during high school and college. Distance and new experiences pulled us in different directions, and we went our separate ways, unaware of the adventures that awaited us in the future. Time went on, and in 2019 we found ourselves together again sharing a New Years kiss, just as we did many years before. It was not until June of 2020 that we decided to make it official! Flashing forward to March 30, 2023, Gerald got down on one knee at Castillo San Felipe del Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our engagement in the heart of Old San Juan became a symbol of our enduring love and the beautiful journey we had embarked upon together. We eagerly anticipate our upcoming wedding, ready to celebrate our commitment to one another surrounded by our cherished friends and family. Thank you in advance for traveling to celebrate with us. -The future Mr. & Mrs. Belanger