Elizabeth & Eric


Elizabeth Gardner


Eric Stadtmueller


November 18, 2023

Stoughton, WI
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The Beginning

2017 - Eau Claire

We first met on an app called Friendsy, which is an app for college students to connect to make friends and/or date. We both "friended" each other, and with the help of a prompt from the app, we began messaging. We had so much fun messaging back and forth and quickly learned we had the same sense of humor. Eventually, we moved our conversations from Friendsy to regular texting, and planned our first date. Beth picked Eric up at his dorm in her car, parking right in front of a "no parking" sign while waiting for him to come out. When Eric walked up to the car, he pointed to the sign with a smirk. We headed to our first stop which was Panera, then walked down a couple couple of storefronts for dessert at Cold Stone. It was so easy to talk to each other and our conversations were not short of laughter. After dessert, on a whim, we decided to go to Action City's Trampoline Park. In jeans. It was a blast. After a couple more dates, Eric asked Beth to be his girlfriend on April 17th, 2017. She said "yes", and then we high-fived.

Where are we now?

2023 - Middleton

In 2020, after almost 2 years of long distance, we moved into a cozy apartment together in Middleton, Wisconsin, where we still reside to this day. We also had Mitzi with us, who is Beth's cat she adopted while living in Fargo. After a few days of us three settling into the apartment, we went to the animal shelter to look for a kitten for Eric. We fell in love with one in particular, the first one that was brought out to us, and the employee informed us that we could take him home that day if we wanted to. We did not plan for this, but knew we wanted him and made arrangements to bring him home that day. We named him Pickles. Since then, it has been us four--our little family. Beth currently works as a school-based virtual speech therapist and Eric as a testing captain for quality management at Epic. In our free time, we enjoy playing video games, taking walks, going on coffee dates, and playing with the cats. We are enjoying a peaceful life together as we settle into the working world and look forward to whatever else life has in store for us in the future. We hope to make it to the trampoline park near us soon. ;)

"whatever souls are made of, his and hers are the same"