Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Kelly solis

Maid of Honor

Kelly is a loving sister and best friend who has my back no matter what, so of course, I’d want her to hold my bouquet and be by my side as my Maid of honor🥰 love you sis

Evelin espinal


Evelin is my best friend we been friends for over 18 years and we don’t see each other often however the love and respect is always there. She’s someone very special to me Love you Gorda ❤️

Gladys infante

Best Woman

Gladys is my older and only sister, best friend, best auntie and the most amazing human being on the planet. Everything about her is special! Thank you for being mi Madrina de boda❤️ love you sis

Leidy García


Leidy is my cousin, my friend and I feel like I raised her at some point lol 😂 in the last couple of years we have become closer and I’m so ready to keep building memories together. Te amo mami chula ❤️

Andreina García


Andreina is my cousin, friend and my tea time person lol 😂 we have become closer to each other and it gets better😘 thank you for being part of my special day! Can’t wait to see what life holds for you🤩 love you

Adriana Nelson


Adri you are very sweet, kind and caring, you are always ready to give good advice. I appreciate you more than you can imagine.🥰 so happy you’re part of my special day🫶

Andrea albarran


Andrea has been a friend with many roles in my life, you are loving, fun and you are always willing to help, I thank life for you. I love you Manita❤️

Michael vega

Man of Honor

Mike is my brother in law, my bestie and my sour patch lol 😂 we have a bond like no other ❤️ im so happy he’s in my wedding party! We argue and literally nothing changes between us. Love you bestie 😝 I can’t wait to see how crazy his speech will be hahah

Winfry García


winfry is my cousin and someone very special to us. He is someone super cool caring and loving. Thank you very much for saying yes! we are happy that you are part of our day❤️🥰

Emmanuel Anziani

Best Man

Manny is my brother in law, co-worker and a very supportive friend, he’s like a dream person to have around! always happy, positive,sweet & helpful Thank you for being our Best man🫶 Love you manny❤️

Wilson Fermin


Wilson is my older brother.❤️ You have always been there for us since day one, and it is something that I will never forget. Thank you for being who you are and for being part of this great day. Te amo manito 🫶

Joel infante


Joel is my little brother. We always fight lol but we don't last a day angry @ each other 🤣 we have a love and hate relationship 🥰❤️😅 I couldn’t have ask for a better brother! He supports me and helps me a lot. Thank you for being apart of our life and this day Love you brother 😘

Stiven Gómez


Stiven is a co-worker and a friend of ours we met him 3 years ago and since day one he has become family❤️. We have build great memories and it gets better. Thank you for being part of this day Love you Manito 🫶

Pedro Naranjo


Pedro is my cousin husband, co-worker and a very good friend to us. At this point he’s family😘 he’s the most honest,respectful,Caring and loving human being (he’s a must have) 🤣 thank you for being part of our life and our big day love you 😘

Brianna Vega

Flower Girl

Brianna is our daughter 😘 I couldn’t have picked anyone better to be my flower girl. With your bright smile, beautiful dress, and graceful walk, you’re going to be the best flower girl anyone has ever seen. I can’t wait to watch you walk down the aisle. Thank you for being my special flower girl! Love you Bri 🥹😘

Gabriela Infante


I'm Gabriela the life of all the parties. I'm ready to tie the knot with my better half.

Christopher Vega


I'm Chris the other life of the party I'm ready to marry my beautiful fiancé and my better half!!

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