September 3, 2022
Atlanta, GA

Ashley & Bobby

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Meet a few of our favorite people who will be walking down the aisle with us!

Ashley Evans


Hiya Folks! I can't wait to share my special day with you and these lovely individuals!

Bobby Cramer


Sup y'all! Our wedding day is almost here and I'm grateful these guys will be a part of it

Jazmyn Vialet

Maid of Honor

We shared a dorm in college - she stayed by mysids through the toughest time of my life and helped me feel like myself again!

Jonathan Cramer

Best Man

We met when I walked downstairs and there was a baby in a toddler swing set - He is one of the most important people in my life. My brother has always been there for me and I love him with everything in me.

Perrielle Washington


We have only known each other for a short time but she has been there for me ever since. She is a breath of fresh air every time we are together!

Nicholas Sykes


We met through Ashley in 2013 - He has always had my back, we feed off of each others energy, he talks a good game but has a big heart. He can always make me laugh when I need one. He is a cool dude.

Jasmine Harper


We met through BJ - we fell in love with each others energy so quickly and we have been inseparable every since! And boy does she have a sense of humor

Ar'Tadrian Evans


We met when he told me "If I broke his sister's heart he would kill me," and I'm alive to talk about it! - I couldn't think of anyone else that I would want up there by my side.

Ji'Tajiah Carter


Ji'Tajiah has been my ace since 10th grade! She is funny, smart, and tough! Everything about her is awesome, she always matches my energy!

Dexter Givens


I have known this dude since I was 15 - He is one of my brothers in this comedy game and he's become like a brother to me.

Lyara Antoine


We met my sophomore year of college - She could make me laugh without saying much. Ly, Jaz, and I would literally stay up all night talking about heavy stuff but the entire time laugh our butts off

Corey Caphill


We met outside a comedy club while he was smoking 3 cigarettes at the same time - He is another one of my brothers in this comedy game and he has helped me grow into a better person.

Jada Butler


Even though she won't be at the wedding, she will be there in spirit! We met my freshman year of high school - We were in the same choir and hung around each other all the time! We just fed off of each other and became best friends really quick

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