September 3, 2022
Atlanta, GA

Ashley & Bobby


Bobby Cramer


Ashley Evans




September 3


How We Met

First Comes School, Then Comes Marriage

We met when we were in middle school, Bobby used to be picked on by my friends, and I always stood up for him. This meant that Bobby didn’t like me very much since I hung around people that traumatized him. However, soon we eventually became friends then, we lost touch. Two years later, we met again in high school but, by then, I didn’t care to be friends with him. After days of ignoring his presence, he stole my seat on the bus for attention. Annoyance turned into laughter, laughter turned into friendship, and friendship turned into love :)

How He Proposed

Steakhouse Paradise

Bobby proposed at our going away party in Dallas, TX. We were at a steak house, and during the dinner, he was all nervous and acting all weird. Earlier in the week, Bobby met with my dad without me there so, I kind of put two-and-two together. After the dinner was over, we took photos with a group of friends. Everybody was looking around for him, so eventually, I turned around and saw him down on one knee. I think my exact words at the time were “I know you f*ckin’ lying”.. not one of my best moments lol. After he gave me his mini-speech, I said yes! The rest is history :)

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