Erik & Kevin


Erik Bliss


Kevin Krulis

October 7, 2023

Milton, NY

How We Met

First comes Bumble, then comes Luke, then comes marriage!

Kevin & Erik first matched on the dating app Bumble in 2015. Both of them were living at home with their parents - Erik in Westchester, NY, and Kevin in Fairfield, CT. They messaged and talked on the phone for a couple of weeks until Kevin finally popped the question to meet up for drinks on a Saturday night in the city. Erik soon found out that this was not just any Saturday night... it was Kevin's birthday and Kevin would also be with several friends. Erik quickly shot down the idea of meeting someone (and their friends) for the first time on their 24th birthday and instead proposed they meet for brunch the next day. So on October 18, 2015, they met each other in Madison Square Park, went for a long walk around the city, and ended the first date with brunch and bubbly.


7 years later... they now live just a few blocks from where they first met with their soon-to-be ringbearer, Luke.

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